Ladies weekend in Rochester New York has to include a spa visit

Disclosure: Visit Rochester invited me to experience the City of Rochester. I was provided with air travel; hotel accommodations; tickets for museums, shows & experiences; and, amazing meals at local restaurants.

Rochester is filled with history, but it’s also filled with fun stuff to do with your gal pals! A ladies weekend in Rochester New York has to include a spa visit, and of course, stops at the famous Wegmans that started it all! Plus, the Rochester Public Market, when the weather is nice. Truthfully, I’d probably never visit Rochester during the winter season. I’ll stick to visiting during warmer weather for my next visit to Western New York.

Ladies weekend in Rochester New York has to include a spa visit [sponsored]

Ladies weekend in Rochester New York has to include a spa visit

When you think of a girlfriend’s getaway, the main things one thinks about are spa visits, food, and cocktails. Perhaps, a bit of lounging by a beautiful hotel pool, and maybe a bit of sightseeing. Mostly, it’s about laughing with friends, and not worrying about home! It’s about focusing on each other, and ourselves. The most fun I have with my friends is when I get to spa with them, as well as explore great cities, and amazing food. Alcohol is also welcome! Even a great show in Rochester, to make sure we feel “cultured,” and all the adult stuff, is usually worked in, too.

Wegmans Flagship Store

Wegmans Flag Ship store in Pittsford New York - Rochester Travel

Rochester natives are hard core Wegmans lovers. It’s not just a place to buy groceries, it’s a lifestyle. If people move out of the area, the one thing they tell me they miss the most is Wegmans. People in the Rochester area have loyalty to Wegmans like I’ve never seen before. Plus, the flagship store in Pittsford is basically a small city. You love cheese? You’ll find only the best in their cheese department, and you can sample the different cheeses, too. Want to order flowers for any occasion, even your wedding, they’ve got a florist right in the center of the store.

Fresh seems to be the only thing Wegmans knows how to do. Seafood, prepared meals, bakery goodies, and they only work with farmers that are local. Meat? You’ll find everything you could imagine at Wegmans. I could’ve gotten lost in there for hours, and I hate grocery shopping. Mr. Sunflower does all of it for our family! However, if we had a Wegmans, I might just start going. Did I mention the staff is extremely educated about the products sold in Wegmans, and are insanely friendly. Oh, and helpful, too!

A ladies weekend away to Western New York has to include a stop at Wegmans flagship store in Pittsford. It’s a whole world of the freshest food, and the friendliest people you could ever ask to help you while you browse for hours.

Rochester Public Market

Rochester Public Market - Rochester New York Travel

Ladies love to hit a public market, am I right? There’s something about buying local goodies when you’re visiting a city other than the one you live in. What’s great about the Rochester Public Market is…. it’s filled with amazing local, fresh produce. If I lived in Rochester, I think I’d be there every Tuesday, Thursday, and weekend, when it’s open. Especially in the warmer months. It’s also filled with people selling homemade juices, sauces, and meals. You can even order your Thanksgiving turkeys from the Rochester Public Market. I’d imagine they probably have someplace to order other holiday goodies there, too.

It’s also a great place to head even if you aren’t in need of fresh produce from local growers, but for lunch. There’s great lunch spots, some are outdoors, but some you can sit inside to eat, too. Locals can also tell you the free events going on throughout the year at the Rochester Public Market are plentiful, and a ton of fun. It’s more than just a marketplace, it’s a community. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting, or a local, EVERYONE’s welcome into this community. It’s the best way to truly get a feel for “who” Rochester is, not just a place to purchase your fresh veggies for the week.

The Spa @ Woodcliff

Spa Elan at Woodcliff Hotel & Spa - Western New York Travel

A weekend away with your girls has to include a spa visit, and The Spa a Woodcliff. I don’t care if you love a great massage; manicure; pedicure; facial; or, a new haircut. Whatever the treat, it’s going down at a fabulous spa location. There’s no better way to relax with your friends than sitting in the relaxation room, in your spa robe, sipping on flavored water, or tea, if that’s your jam. Everyone goes to a designated spot for whatever treatment rocks their world, and then you all meet back up in the relaxation room.

Is there anything better? I think not. Personally, I did the combo massage. It was fantastic, and I could have spent the entire day hanging out in the spa. Such a chill, laid back vibe. It didn’t have the normal “chanting” music I hear at most places, with birds chirping and harps playing. Perhaps it was just my massage therapist, but she fit the mood to what I liked. I was totally bummed it ended so quickly, but the massage was perfect.

Again, even the staff beyond the massage therapist, were so sweet. I like when staff love where they are from, and speak so lovingly about the area they live in. I’m the same way about Long Island, and I appreciate genuine people who can give the negatives, but definitely have more positive things to say about the place they call home. I felt welcomed by the staff, and it helped to relax, as the impending snow storm weighed heavily in my mind. Flying home in the storm freaked me out, but they calmed my fears. It was great.

Susan B. Anthony

Beyond lounging at the indoor pool; eating great food; taking in a beautiful performance at the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra; and all of the amazing ladies weekend fun from this post, don’t forget to head to Susan B. Anthony’s house up in Rochester. It’s a must for all women of all ages! A ladies weekend without a trip to Susan B. Anthony’s home would be tragic, trust me. Just slot time for it, you’ll be thrilled you did.

New York has so much more to offer than just Manhattan, and Long Island’s well-known “The Hamptons” and Fire Island. Head to Western New York for a beautiful experience with your favorite girl gang.

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