Last minute holiday gift ideas

If you’re like Mr. Sunflower USED TO BE, you do your holiday shopping on Christmas Eve. He claims it was because the stores were pretty empty, and it was easy to get in and out, and find great prices. I just think he did it on Christmas Eve because it’s what single men do – wait until last minute to shop.

last minute holiday gift ideas


Fantastic last minute holiday gift ideas

Instead of getting lame “leftover” crap, here’s a few ideas on how to still wait till last minute, but look like a gift-giving rock star:

VISA Gift Cards.

It sounds lame, I know. However, if you walk in with a gift like this, it’s better than cash. It means you didn’t assume your aunt loves to shop at Target, and your cousin loves Walmart. You didn’t just throw cash in an envelope, and put absolutely no thought into the gift. VISA Gift Cards show your family you know they love buying something for themselves, yet you are leaving the options open. (Just go with this story, even if you were being a lazy ass.)

Restaurant Gift Cards.

If you’ve got friends, and family frequenting the same restaurant ALL THE TIME, forget the VISA Gift Card. Give them a gift card to their favorite restaurant.


Show up with an edible arrangement of chocolate covered fruit, or baked goods. Perhaps a little Hickory Farms gift basket would work!

Lottery Tickets.

Everywhere you go, there will be holiday themed lottery tickets. Don’t just slap them in a card and hand it over, try to make a creative piece out of the lottery tickets – you know, fancy them up. I’d love some scratch off tickets!

Good luck, and have a fantastic holiday season!!!

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