Learning Italian with Little Pim

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#learnitalian #littlepim #sponsoredWhen my kids were super small they loved Dora on Nickelodeon. I thought the show was cute. My children also loved Kai-Lan. It was great, my kids were picking up some Chinese, along with the Spanish from Dora. I then got annoyed. What the heck Italy? Why aren’t we representing with a show that teachers some Italian to our kids? I felt like the kids were missing out. I found apps on the iPad so they could learn a little bit, I tried to use some I had known throughout my life, but it was shaky at best. Italian was not being represented well for the kids, until I found a little panda who wanted to help! The kids are learning Italian with Little Pim.

Who is Little Pim?

Little Pim’s a panda that wants kids to learn a second language. Seriously. The Little Pim brand believes that all kids should have the chance to learn a second language, and I couldn’t agree more! Kids should learn languages at an early age, so they can just suck it up like sponges. Let’s get rid of Spongebob, and perhaps replace it with some Little Pim shows that benefit the kids.

What does Little Pim teach kids?

The cute little panda teaches kids various languages such as Italian, Chinese, French, German and many others. There are DVD sets that allow kids to discover the language, and then there are DVD sets that offer a more in depth learning of the language your child has chosen to immerse herself in. Or the language you, as the parent, want to get your child learning. The DVDs are fun, entertaining and the kids actually enjoy all the new learning. It’s like watching one of the Nickelodeon shows that teaches Spanish, or Chinese. However, instead of it being part of your cable package….you are paying for it, and getting a much more well-rounded learning experience.

Personally, as someone who doesn’t get to use her Italian skills every day – I have lost a lot of the language. I use to be able to converse without huge issues, and now I struggle with simple words. They have just not been in my life for so long…..it’s sad. However, these DVDs helped to give me a bit of a refresher course. Will my kids be conjugating verbs? No. They’ll learn about 180 words and phrases with the Discover set, and if you go with the more expensive full set, they’ll probably learn about 360 words and phrases.

The lessons can be purchased as digital downloads at a less expensive price, or buy the DVDs for the higher price. Either way, the kids will definitely be learning a ton of Italian. It’s geared for kids ages 6 months to 6 years. However, I found them helpful at my “much older than 6” age, and my daughter who just turned 7 also gets a lot out of them. It’s a great “basics” starter for any age, but if you don’t have kids, I wouldn’t go buying Little Pim for yourself…..it is a bit “young.”

Little Pim’s definitely entertaining, and it is such a great idea for those of us who want our kids to start learning a second language without forcing it on them. It’s a playful way to bring Italian into my kids’ lives, along with the little bits of Spanish and Chinese being offered from educational cartoons on television.

TWO THUMBS UP for Little Pim.


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