Little Miss checks out #DoratheExplorer Puddle Jumper & more

Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received free products from Nickelodeon for review purposes. The opinions in this post, as always, are mine. 100% mine. Oh, and that of my daughter, of course!

My husband, and I, decided this is the summer our kids will learn how to swim. I’m not a big pool person, I rarely go in. We don’t own a pool, but my parents do, and they live super close. My husband, also not a huge pool lover. Our kids? They completely LOVE the water, the pool, the ocean, lakes……and body of water they can put themselves in, even the bathtub, makes them happy.

So, with two parents who aren’t big on going in the water, how does one accomplish teaching them to swim? Well, you find a teacher who’ll come to your house, or in this case your parents’ house, and teach both kids, one at a time, each week, that’s how! Now, until they learn, my son enjoys a good tube for his pool time. My daughter? She hates the tube, it’s too “limiting.” The swimmies aren’t good enough. When she wears them, she feels unsteady and she can’t seem to “swim” with them. What to do, what to do……

Nickelodeon was kind enough to offer up a fantastic idea. A Puddle Jumper in a Nickelodeon theme she’d probably be down with: Dora the Explorer. Yes, she’s almost seven, but she’s always loved Dora, and they have that older version of Dora now for the girls who grew up loving the younger one. I figured, Little Miss would love it even if it was the “younger” version of Dora. Mama was right!

Dora the Explorer Puddle Jumper

Little Miss put it on immediately, and couldn’t wait to get into the water. Summer began, and it’s the first thing she wanted for her first dip into the pool! I was thrilled, because once we got it, I saw it was Coast Guard approved for safety. I knew the pool, the beach, and if we made it to the lake this year, this little Puddle Jumper would be ALL GOOD. If the Coast Guard was putting its seal of approval for my kid to use it on a boat, I knew it’d be fabulous! Plus, it was so comfortable for her to wear, she had no issues swimming with it on, at all. HAPPY FACE says it all!

Little Miss couldn’t be happier to have this while she’s waiting to learn how to swim. It’s making it a lot more fun to be able to play with her older cousin’s in the pool, and not have to constantly adjust a swimmie around her arm. The Puddle Jumper fits securely around her arms, and body, and it doesn’t cause any irritation on her sensitive skin. Plus, it’s lightweight, and super sturdy for her.

Big hit with us! Plus, she scored a few other items, all Dora themed. A beach towel she loves, and a bathing suit she’s not allowed to wear. I’m not good with two piece bathing suits on kids, so until we find a one piece that she can wear UNDER it, right now she just gets to enjoy it decorating her room. The towel and suit are well made, and the bathing suit has sun protection from UV rays.

Nickelodeon Summer Items

Summer’s been a whole more fun with our Puddle Jumper! It’s a two thumbs up from Little Miss, for sure. However, she was too busy to give me a thumbs up sign…….while in the water. I’ll have to fire her, I guess!

Personally, if you’re kids are not yet swimming on their own, or you’re taking the kids on a boat, I’d definitely spend the money and get a Puddle Jumper. They aren’t extremely expensive, and they are high quality. Hers happened to be made by Stearns, and though this particular one is not on their website, you can find them all over the internet. Make life easy, use my referral link, and Just head to Amazon.com, or the Stearns website where they range from $19.99 for a simple design, to $30+ for a puddle jumper attached to a whole “suit.”

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