Made my very first purchase on FabKids & got second outfit FREE

Disclaimer: I love this site so much, I signed up to be an affiliate. Guess what? The links within this post will earn me money when you click on them, and sign up to receive the FabKids selections for your little girl each month. You help me provide income for my household. THANK YOU!!!!

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It’s been months since I signed up with FabKids. I fell in love with the little outfits, and how cute they all were. However, after the first outing on the site, none of the emails sung to me like the one I got TODAY! OMG, the cutest dang outfit ever came through on an email to me this morning. It’s ORANGE, and the name of it was……..wait for it…………..SUN FLOWER.

I know, you’re thinking “you have to buy it for Little Miss.” At least that’s what I was thinking, you’re probably rolling your eyes right about now. Forgive me. When it comes to finding perfect things for Little Miss, I get a little giddy! Orange dresses aren’t the normal thing to find in stores. It takes a lot of hunting around all the damn pink, sparkly crap. Especially when you’ve got to carry around a vomit bag, from all the PINK making your head hurt, and your stomach turn. UGH.

Having an adorable dress sent right to my email………can I get a WAAAHOOO?!!!

It made me want to share the site again with all of you! Here’s the best part! Not only do they offer FREE SHIPPING, but right now, if you’re a brand new shopper, meaning you’ve never purchased an outfit from them before, you can get your FIRST outfit right now and get a free one with it. BOGO time! Buy your first outfit, get your second one FOR FREE. Always free shipping, and always a great return policy. You don’t like it? Return it for credit, exchange it for a new outfit, or return it for your money back.

Head to the site using my referral link to FabKids. Once there, just sign up. Super easy. Totally free. You’ll get an email each month, sort of based on your child’s style. You can order it, or not, it’s up to you. No obligation. Remember, I skipped buying for months…….nothing else interested me after I started with them. However, this one I got today……go to the site, search for Sun Fire. You’ll see the cuteness!

Enjoy everyone!!!


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