Make your own washable paint with Crayola

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Creative kids. I have them. I don’t have just one creative one, I’ve got two creative kids. Is it great that the want to make things, and get crafty, and use all kinds of messy stuff? Sure. I just have no patience for things that I have to help them with, so that messes don’t happen all over my home. Make your own washable paint with Crayola’s new Pain Maker is something I have to kind of oversee, but not necessarily do everything for them. Little Miss can help The Boy, after I’ve kind of gotten them started. WIN!

Make your own washable paint with Crayola

Honestly, right off the bat, there’s a couple of things Crayola needs to work on. Let’s discuss, shall we?

  1. The plastic is a bit flimsy. Personally, I feel the piece that has the “hand mixer” should be a more solid piece of plastic. WHY? Well, when the kids were mixing the white base paint with the color strips, without me holding it in place, it was moving all over the place.
  2. I don’t think having the mixing station, the paint pots holder, and the “prep” area attach together is helpful. It all snaps together, and a handle snaps onto it, so kids can fold it up and carry it. Here’s my thing… once the paints are mixed, there’s no need to carry around the prep station and the mixing station. Kids just need their personally made paints, the paper and the brush. Make a case for that instead! Parents will be much happier!
  3. The mixing chart. It’s confusing for kids. Plus, there’s not enough colors on the chart. BORING CHART. It did force the kids to get a bit more creative with their color choices, but still…. it would be nice to have more color options to create without wasting so many color strips.

Now that all the “house keeping” issues have been addressed, I have to say, the kids LOVED this process. The base paint is squeezed into a paint pot, then kids take little color strips that are blue, yellow, and red. The strips go into the paint pot with the base paint, and the top is closed.

make your own paint #crayola #sponsored #toyreviewThe pot goes into the mixing station.

make your own paint #crayola #toyreview #sponsored

Once the pot is in place, the kids turn a crank like crazy, mad scientists.

make your own paint #crayola #sponsored #toyreviewThe color strips mix into the white base paint, and VOILA! Open the pot, and ba-bam, there’s your “make your own” paint!

make your own washable paint #crayola #sponsored #toyreview

It’s easy to do. Once the kids get the hang of it, it’s something they can do all on their own. Just make sure they understand how much white base paint goes into the pot. There’s a line on the plastic pots, so it’s easy to dispense the correct amount.

Six thumbs up for Crayola Paint Maker. Two for each kid, and two for Mama Sunflower!

Make sure to purchase Crayola Paint Maker on Amazon.com.

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