Mattel and Fisher Price Goodies from Planes to Princesses

Mattel and Fisher-Price are both companies that do a lot of deals with Disney, and Nickelodeon. All the most popular movies, and shows, are always allowing Mattel and Fisher-Price to grab up those license deals, and get amazing toys out there for the kids. It’s a very beautiful thing for parents! Our kids get to have amazing QUALITY toys, and we’re happy the toys are based on the kids’ favorite new movies, and television shows!

Mattel, for me, was all about Disney’s new animated feature coming out this summer. It’s called Planes, and it stars Dusty, the crophopper. He dreams of racing in the sky…..reminds me of a little known Disney movie, Cars. Hmmmm…..something to ponder.

In any event, the two top toys from Mattel that I saw were:

Dusty from Planes

  • Disney Planes Pilot Pals™ Dusty Crophopper Remote Control Plane. It’s damn cute my friends. Kids can role-play remote control this little plane. What’s that mean? It means, the remote “wings” are placed on the child’s hands, and when the child moves, the plane moves. It’s got a button to push, so the propeller spins, and it can move forward. The two controllers, or wings, control the movement of the wings through mimicry. Of course, it has sounds, and phrases from the movie. High quality for $39.99. We’ll be checking this out when it hits stores in August.
  • Disney Planes Die-cast Character Assortment. Bargain price of $5.99 for the 1:55 scale die-cast figures. Planes can roll on wheels, and their propellers move. They’ll be able to be used with playsets. Very cute, very affordable, and very well made.

Fisher-Price had amazing toys at the showcase. I couldn’t pick just two, so I’m giving you the top four I feel will be great value for kids.

  • If you’ve got a younger set of kids, probably between 18 months to two years old, they’ll love the Bubble Guppies Rock & Roll Stage. My kids love music, so my son LOVED this at the age of 4. Check out our review of the stage when you get the chance. It’s got Molly who can be pushed down the slide to the stage. Once she runs over the center stage, it starts to light up and sing, or tell jokes. My son has been playing with it for days. Again, he’s big on dancing, and he loves the music. Totally adorable for a younger child, and worth it for the $22.99 if they love music, and the Bubble Guppies.
  • Another favorite show in our house, at least for The Boy, is Octonauts™.  When I saw the Octonauts™ Octopod, I thought to myself “this is perfect for my son.” It’s got two articulated Barnacles, and Kwazii figures. It’s also got a mini GUP-A vehicle, and three collectable creatures. Kids will love the four rescue tools: Net Barrel, Stretcher and Anchor, and clip-on Octo-alert! Once you press the Octo-Alert, it has sounds, along with phrases. Really cute, and well made for $34.99. I bet this will be a big hit for Summer birthdays!
  • If you don’t know already, my kids adore Sofia the First on Disney. Well, Fisher-Price doesn’t disappoint with their Disney Sofia the First Magical Talking Castle! Children can place Clover the Rabbit on the castle’s base, phrases are spoken in each character’s voice. As you load up on the different 3″ dolls that are sold separately, kids will be able to unlock more character phrases. Inside the Castle, Sofia can glide down the stairs, go dancing and dining in the ballroom, and even play hide and seek with Clover. The Castle comes with the furniture, Sofia doll, and the Clover figure. It’s $59.99 and hits stores in July.
  • Finally, another Sofia item! A talking Sofia for the kids. It’s the Disney Sofia the First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends. Seriously, I could have just taken it right off that table and shoved it in my bag, it was so cute. Sofia is dressed in her princess gown, and is 10-1/2″ big. She can recognize and talk to three of her best animal friends: Clover the Rabbit, Robin the Robin, and Mia the Bluebird. All kids have to do is bring the little animal friends close to Sofia’s amulet, it’ll g low, and she can talk to her animal friends. They even say things back. Super cute. Both my kids will want this one, but at $39.99, they’ll have to share her! July should be a fun month for them!

Sofia the First Castle sofiathefirsttalking


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