MomTrends bringing us back-to-school at Vera Bradley

Disclosure: I attended MomTrends Back-to-School event at Vera Bradley on 5th Avenue in #NYC recently. As a gift, I received a lovely bag from #VeraBradley with a few goodies from some of the sponsors in attendance. I don’t know why everyone needs to know this information, but the FTC says it’s important I relay this information to you. I wanted to share some highlights from the event, which requires me to let you know I received a gift for attending. No monetary compensation was paid. Just received a parting gift. All opinions, and observations, are 100% MY OWN. I’ve also included affiliate links to some of the products, in case you wanted to order some for yourself. Thanks for helping to support November Sunflower!

momtrends back-to-school #sponsored #verabradley #momtrendsbtsHow can we be thinking about the kids going back to school already? I’m certainly not ready to have to start getting up super early, again. It’s also painful to think about packing lunches and snacks for two kids each and every day. UGH. However, when MomTrends wants to show me awesome stuff to make life easier for me for the upcoming school year, I happily head into New York City on a gorgeous summer evening! MomTrends back-to-school events are always spectacular, and offer fantastic ideas to make sure the upcoming school year gets off to a great start!

MomTrends Back-to-School at Vera Bradley

First things first, Mommy needs to have a nice bag to lug stuff around to all kinds of practices, and games. It’s a must. Thankfully, Vera Bradley thinks so, too. She generously gave each of us a gorgeous Trimmed Vera in Ziggy Zagicon bag of our very own. Luckily, I got one Little Miss loved: orange and dark pink. No, pink isn’t my favorite color, but it’s not that horrible light pink, so I’m okay with this one! Look at it, it’s such a great bag!

MomTrends back-to-school #momtrendsbts #verabradley #sponsoredWhat’s in the bag? All kinds of goodies the kids will benefit from, for sure! I’m just sharing my top 8 favorites!

Let’s start with Dolphin Organics, shall we? Little Miss, and I guess The Boy, too, will be enjoying Vanilla scented Do Naturals Conditioner from Dolphin Organics. Sweet, my friends. Sweet. It’s much better for the kids, since it doesn’t have any Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates in it. It’s also free of petrochemicals and other harsh chemicals. Anyone have issues with Gluten? You’ll want to check into Do Naturals, it’s Gluten Free. Plus, the ingredients include certified organic aloe, sea buckthorn and shea butter.

momtrends back-to-school #momtrendsbts #donaturals #dolphinorganics #sponsoredOnce the hair is all done, slap a cute hat on the kids! The Boy scored with this unreal cute Appaman Newsboy Cap. Totally love it, and so does he. Luckily, he’s got a small head….. this was sized for kids up to 4 years old. Petite kids equals smaller sizes working for them! He just looks adorable. I’d let him wear it all day if he wanted to!

momtrends back-to-school #appaman #momtrendsbts #sponsoredNow, snacks. Healthy ones. Delicious ones. We’re not in a nut free school, which works well for us. The kids love to snack on all kinds of tree nuts, as well as peanuts. I’m thankful every day my children don’t have nut allergies, or any kind of food allergies. It’s a blessing! Nourish Snacks are packed with lots of nutrition, and leave out the GMOs, and artificial ingredients. It’s a lovely little package of awesome, and always less than 200 calories. The kids get a snack during the day, while they work at their desks – this treat is perfection!

momtrends back-to-school #momtrendsbts #sponsoredSo, we’ve got the healthy snack. What do we put the healthy snack in, so the kids can eat it without having to make a ton of noise opening the package? You know I’ve got the answer, because I’m asking the question! It’s a spbang Reusable Lunch Bag for Sandwich or Snacks. We’ve got it in blue, which is my favorite color, and it’s also The Boy’s favorite color! Works out well for us, right?!! Really, the important part of this little snack bag is that it’s durable, waterproof and doesn’t retain any kind of gross food smells. Who wants to eat out of something that smells like yesterday’s snack?

I’m also happy to report it’s latex free, PVC free, lead free, BPA free, Phthlate free and can be washed by hand, or in the dishwasher!! Can I get a “WHOOP WHOOP?”

momtrends back-to-school #momtrendsbts #sponsored #spbangNow, we’ve got the hair conditioned, covered with a great hat. Snacks are taken care of, and a little bag to put the snacks in. What’s next? A super cute little Land’s End cinch sack. It’s perfect for lightweight stuff, such as bringing soiled clothing back home after someone has a wipe out on the playground! It can be folded up small enough to tuck into a regular sized backpack, and then once things have to put into it, unfolded and stuffed with whatever needs to go home! The color is awesome, too! It’s a blue kind of year for us!

momtrends back-to-school #momtrendsbts #sponsored #landsendOf course, as any parent knows, if you’ve got kids going to school, you’ve got to have labels. Well, if you want the kids’ stuff to come back home at some point, you want it labeled! Kids lose things right off their backs. My son could have something in his hand, put it down, and we’ll never see it again…..he just can never remember where he places things down. Absent-minded professor! Mabel’s Labels hooked me up with labels of my very own, so I can start labeling things of my own. It also means I can share a photo of them, because my name’s on them, not the kids’ names. WOOHOO.

Mabel’s Labels can take a licking, and keep on ticking. Dishwasher safe, and never fade. All different sizes, too. You definitely want to take advantage of Mabel’s Labels Back-to-School Early Bird Pricing. It’s totally worth it!

momtrends back-to-school #momtrendsbts #mabelslabels #sponsoredKids are often subjected to lice at school. There’s even a “super lice” that’s made its way into schools. Unfortunately, when kids get lice, and you want to kill it, there’s only harsh chemical treatments offered at drug stores. Pouring poison on your kids’ heads probably isn’t your first choice, and now it’s not your only option! Vamousse has created a non-toxic product to help fend off lice, as well as kill it for good!

Vamousse Head Lice Treatment is pesticide free, kills 100% of lice and those horrible eggs in just 15 minutes, and comes with the steel comb instead of a cheeseball plastic one! Did I mention it’s also easy to apply, because it’s like mousse that many people use to style their hair. Gotta love stuff that doesn’t drip all over the place, and make you sick just smelling it!

momtrends back-to-school #momtrendsbts #sponsored #superliceFinally, this little bad boy might just be for me. It’s a wall calendar. Oh, but wait, it’s not just any wall calendar! It’s one that you peel and stick to the wall, plus it’s a dry erase, which means it can be used over and over again. SCORE! Have you heard of Wall POPS!? I hadn’t. Of course, I’m not always up on the latest wall decal styles, and brands. I’m finding all kinds of new stuff on their website, and I’m liking it a lot! There’s more than just calendars, I can tell you that much. My favorite part about this calendar? It can be moved. No nails required to hang it, so I don’t have to worry about asking the husband to make sure it’s straight on the wall.

Just slap it up, and if it’s crooked, adjust it. BAM!

MomTrends Back-to-School #momtrendsbts #sponsored #wallpopsLet’s raise a glass to a happy, and healthy school year…… and some peace and quiet for mom to get her work done!

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