My Loving Memories captured in a customized ring

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I’ve got lots of memories. Along with those memories, you know I’ve got a ton of pictures. The photos surround me in every room of my home, they’re on my phone, and tablet, and I’ve got so many photo books I’ve been told I’ve got an obsession. However, what was missing? Having something I could wear, other than a silly t-shirt, with my memories on it. Well, now I’ve found the answer. My loving memories captured in a customized ring! Hand-picked photos right on my very own personalized ring.

Taking pictures was never something I felt I was very good at. I also hated having photos taken of me. I kind of still hate that part, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten better with having photos taken of me. Now my kids? They’re little hams most of the time. The camera comes out and BA-BAM, they’re striking a pose! When my daughter was born, I still wasn’t great with photo taking, and I relied a lot on my family to send me the ones they took of her. As she grew older, and we were given a camera of our own……I began to really enjoy capturing images of her. Then The Boy came, and he was documented like crazy for his first few years!

Am I the best photographer out there? No. However, with cameras today, I don’t have to be. Plus, Photoshop is an amazing program! Even the worst photos can be saved. My favorite photos of the kids are a-plenty. Choosing just 8 photos was difficult, and man did it bring me down memory lane BIG TIME.

How did I choose the 8 photos for My Loving Memories captured customized ring?

It wasn’t easy to choose just eight photos of my #LovingMemories, I can tell you that much. However, there were 8 that stood out in my mind above the rest of the clutter……

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  1. Little Miss was a bit shy. She’d latch onto my leg at parties, events, and just all the time. Surprised me, since she had been in daycare for her first year of life when I had to return to work. However, as I became a work-from-home mom, she became more attached. Her first weeks of PreKindergarten were torture. Crying, grabbing me, and just hating the separation. By the end of her year, she was a changed child. When she “graduated” from Pre-K, her face beamed as she held her flowers, and shot me a fantastic smile. I’m not a mom who cries, but that almost got me……..
  2. Over the years, with all of my smart shopping (A.K.A. shopping for free online,) I was able to save up so I could give our family a vacation of a lifetime. It wasn’t as planned, it had a very low point that I’m still fighting with the cruise line about, that’s for sure. However, my husband and I are not ones to “be miserable” just because someone put our daughter at risk. We just avoided situations that would cause this to occur, and made the best of our 9 days on the boat. One of those moments was on Pirate Night. I couldn’t resist how cute the kids were in their Tinker Bell and Pirate stuff, sitting on the window waiting to enter the dining room for dinner. They were beyond excited about the fireworks that were going to happen later that night.
  3. While at dinner on the boat during Pirate Night, the photographers snapped a photo of my 2 favorite men…..yes, the husband and The Boy. It was a great night, we made the most of it, because after what happened to our daughter earlier in the cruise, we knew this would be our last cruise on this particular cruise line. Seeing that smiling face from my son, sitting next to my husband…..it just made me so happy I was able to give this gift to my family.
  4. On our cruise, we had a day at a very famous theme park, Disney World. My Little Miss got to meet her idol, Tinker Bell, while wearing her Tinker Bell outfit, and looking like a princess after her “princess makeover” visit. Her pure joy made all the bad melt away, including how our son dropped and broke our camera at the very start of our day at Disney World.
  5. My favorite character is Stitch. My daughter getting a big hug from Stitch….there isn’t anything better, except if my son had joined in on the photo.
  6. Over the winter we had a crazy snow storm that basically shut down Suffolk County, Long Island. However, before the storm hit hard, we had to cancel a book club play date. The hubby promised the kids could bake brownies while the snow came down outside. They love to bake with their Daddy, and that night, they were extra huggy with each other. A favorite family night in my book!
  7. I don’t have a lot of photos of me and the kids, because I’m usually the one taking the photos. On my birthday this year, I got a great one of the three of us. Everyone smiling, everyone looking at the camera – and then after cake was over, I became sick and ended up in bed for a couple of days. Good times!
  8. Finally, we come full circle. My little man graduated PreKindergarten. His PreK days started out better than his sister’s did. His year went so well, and I was just so proud of him and how far he’d come with his letters, numbers, and being told he was such a big love to everyone in his class. I had to have his graduation photo in there to bring the ring “full circle.”

I’ve been following Creation Source on Twitter, and there’s always happy people shouting their praises, and I’m sure I’ll be one of them! Is the ring perfect? No. It’s hand made and each one will have little nicks, and things of that nature. Is it high end platinum, gold, or silver? No, it’s made out of metal and jewelers resin.

I did have the choice of getting them in color, or in black and white. I chose color. In the future, I might just test out one that’s done in Black & White, with 8 new photos! Memories don’t just stop getting captured on film, right?!!!

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