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Disney Glidden Paint

When you’ve got a daughter who loves glitter, sparkles, and all things girly, even if you’re not girly, you become a little bit girly. It’s just a fact of life I’ve had to embrace. It has also rubbed off on my son…..scary, but true. We’ve got the girly girl living in our home, she’s getting her little brother into it, as well. Is this a problem? Not in my house. Why? Well, anything that keeps her mind off the color pink, which is a color I despise, makes me utterly happy. BRING ON THE GIRLY GIRL STUFF! I say WELCOME HOME SPARKLES. Just don’t bring your pink friend with you! However, I’ll allow a magic room pj party if asked!

If you’re wondering what my daughter loves that’s so “girly,” let’s just say it involves Disney. It involves Pixie Dust. And it involves sparkly, darkly wings! Seriously, is there anything else more glittery than Disney Fairies? Pixie Dust is just full-on glitterization to the max. Her wings aren’t just about being sparkly, though. They get all glow-y, and her little buddy Blaze has a butt that lights up. It’s how she got her brother hooked on Tinker Bell. The glowing butted bug, Blaze.

In our house, Tinker Bell is a Goddess, and we all must worship at her pom pom-ed shoe-ed feet. OR ELSE. When given the chance to decorate my daughter’s room, what else could our family choose, but Tinker Bell? Well, of course, Tinker Bell and her whole Pixie Hollow gang of fairies, that is!

First thing that had to be done…..pick some paint. Her room was purple already, and she loves purple. It goes well with her orange obsession, too. So the walls weren’t going to change at all, but we needed something to stand out. Our idea was to stencil Tink onto her wall, use some decals, and dress up her bed with Tink. However, when looking through the 112 colors, none of them made her little heart sing. We really wanted to make Tink POP……

DisneyPaintMom Magic Room PJ Party

It was then that we figured, why paint anything a different color, let’s just hit up her walls with one of the five specialty finishes! I showed Little Miss all the different options: All That Glitters, Great Slate, Magnificent Metallic, Ready, Set, Glow!, and Speck-Tacular. I honestly thought she’d jump at the Glitter one. I mean, seriously, she’s all about glitter, and sparkles. However, she has her standards, and it just wasn’t “awesome enough.” Nope, she said “it hardly looks like glitter, PASS on that one Mommy.” (Yes, she really talks like this….it’s my own fault, really. She just soaks up all my crazy stuff.)

When she saw how the glow in the dark paint worked, plus there happened to be a little Tinker Bell action going on in the demo I found online at DisneyPaint.com, she almost peed her pants with delight. Guess which one we chose?

Yup, we went with Disney’s Glidden Ready, Set, Glow specialty finish paint. Little Miss thought it would be “amazing” for her Tinker Bells to glow around her room. Luckily enough, Disney Paint is only available at Walmart, which happens to be not too far from our house! Even better, and what I love the most about the paint, it’s low odor and doesn’t have VOCs. Score for our home! Honestly, for $19.97 per quart, I thought it was a very cost effective way to get her room Tinker Bell-ed, without me going into debt!

DisneyPaintMom Magic Room PJ Party

If you thought we’d only be re-decorating her room, you’d be mistaken. We were also having a Fairy Party! Oh yes, that’s right……little girls, taking over our home, to celebrate all things Disney Fairies. Party planning is my former profession, so you know no matter what the theme of the party, we’re going to have to do it ALL OUT FABULOUS. However, within a budget!

Walmart never knew what hit it! We grabbed Tinker Bell decor, party favors, table covers, glitter paper to make our own wings, cake mixes to make goodies for the guests at our party (orange cake had to be included, since that is her favorite color, plus one of the fairies wears orange, thank goodness for Fairy Fawn,) and so much more! One of the lovely little ladies that attends will also be getting her very own gift card to Walmart. Well, her family will, that is!

Disney Glidden Party Magic Room PJ Party

Disney Tinker Bell Magic Room PJ Party

How much fun will this be???!!!!!! We’re excited, and the party will be fantastic. I mean, how can it not be? It’s TINKER BELL. Freshly glowing Tinker Bell room, party with friends, and it’s all centered around Disney’s Glidden Ready, Set, Glow! Paint. Top notch, my friends, that’s what I’m all about! As long as it can be done on a budget! Everything was purchased for less than $200. True CHIZZ!!!

I cannot wait to share the re-decorating with you guys in the next post! Stay tuned…….and tell your friends!

November Sunflower may not cook, but she can party, and paint, like nobody’s business.

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