Nick-free knees for me with HeadBlade

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When it’s leg shaving time at my house, the band aids are usually pulled out along with my razor. It’s always around my knees! I just haven’t been able to master the knee area. I’m not sure why razor companies that create razors for women, haven’t figured out a regular blade isn’t going to work well around a CURVED area like a woman’s knee. So frustrating. It’s why I decided to head to the men’s area. All those dudes who shave their heads bald must be using something fantastic, and I found out what it is! My pure genius idea has made nick-free knees for me with HeadBlade.

HeadBlade isn’t just for men with shaved head propensities

If you’re thinking “November Sunflower has gone and lost her mind AGAIN,” you’d be wrong. HeadBlade isn’t just for men who like to shave their heads. It’s for chicks who love a close shave around their knees, but who hate shedding blood over it. It’s made to hug the curves of your head, at least that’s what the story is and it’s my mission to see if it’s true. Where does one go to find the latest and greatest goodies on the market? You got it, Duane Reade. My weekly visit to my favorite store didn’t disappoint me at all.

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Finding both the HeadBlade razor, and the shaving cream on the shelves was simple at Duane Reade. The store’s organized, and so clean. I never worry about my kids sitting on the floor, or doing a cartwheel in one of their huge aisles. It’s that clean! As for HeadBlade, my son said the blade was really cool because it looked like a race car. For once, he’s right. The blade has wheels on the back, which help keep a steady hand when shaving. Leave it to men to come up with a way to shave their heads with a toy, right? And leave it to me to use it for my legs. A little secret? Being Italian, I could use it on my chin, as well. Just putting it out there. If you’re an Italian woman, you’re shaking your head right now. You feel me, right? I know you do!

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Did HeadBlade impress, or disappoint?

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As a woman, I’d have to say, I’ll be throwing away the straight blades these companies have been force feeding me for years. Not one of them is flexible enough to “hug” my curves like #HeadBlade does. You push on the blade, and it wraps around your curve. Even the back of your leg, in that hard to get crook of your leg – right there behind your curvy knee! Just go slow, and steady, and you’ve got nick-free legs. I’m completely impressed.

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Shhhh, I also tried it on my chin. I couldn’t take photos, since I don’t bend well and the husband wasn’t around, but I can tell you this: it was a close shave, I don’t have any nicks on my chin, and I’m super happy with the feel of it on my face. Especially using the HeadBlade shaving cream!

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Since I enjoy keeping myself privy to all the latest and greatest for my favorite brands, I’ve now liked HeadBlade on Facebook, and I’m following HeadBlade on Twitter, and as always, I’m checking out HeadBlade’s photos on Instagram. It’s my duty in life to also get people buzzing about Duane Reade! Did you start following them on Pinterest yet? Duane Reade has some of the most spectacular photos of New York City on their Instagram feed. It’s always amazing to see what they’ve shared each day.

Sundays aren’t complete unless there’s a trip to Duane Reade for something fabulous, and we checked out more than just HeadBlade on our weekly trip….want to see our shopping trip? Head over to check it out in photos on Google+!

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