Office supply junkie & pen lover is loving Pentel

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Office supply junkie & pen lover is loving Pentel #shopletreviews #sponsored #pentel #officesupplies

My love for office supplies is quite strong. Just the thought of a trip to an office supply store gets me very hot and bothered. All the folders, staplers, paper clips, notebooks, date books, office chairs and the best of the best: pens. Yes, pens. I have no problem stating I’m an office supply junkie. This office supply junkie an pen lover is loving Pentel right now.

Office supply junkie & pen lover is loving Pentel

When you’re out, and you have to borrow someone else’s pen “for just a minute,” and you take the pen and you instantly fall in love as you begin to write with it….. now that’s good stuff. Oh my gosh, when you find a good pen, you want to slip it into your pocket, and hope the person forgets they let you borrow it. However, with a pen that good, you know the person will remember and remind you to “give the pen back” when you’re done. RATS.

My ink color preference is blue. It’s just what I like. I’ve been using a black ink pen for about a week now, and it’s only because the pen writes smoothly. I’ve convinced myself that since the pen is kind of light blue, it’s going to be okay. It has to be okay, because I’ve fallen in love with the retractable gel pens, otherwise known as Pentel EnerGel Alloy RT pen. Since the pen is awesome, I’m going to test out the violet one after the black ink one is done. I hope they’ll consider doing a blue ink one…. just putting it out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a variety of colors. The retractable ballpoint pens I’m also using have great color. Little Miss is impressed with how orange the ink color is on the orange Vicuna Advanced Ink Ball Point pens. Personally, I’m loving the blue, and we’re all fond of the purple. Super light in your hand when you’re using them, and it seems every new pen out of the package has that itty bitty ball on the points…. every pen I buy now, that’s got a cap, or a retractable point, has that little ball to protect the ink. I have to say, it’s rather cool. Of course, it stumped The Boy when he tried to write with one of the pens without removing the protective ball! Good thing he’s so cute.

Pens aren’t my only attraction. I’m big on a good quality mechanical pencil. I need it sturdy, with lead that’s not going to snap easily. Plus, an extra eraser included in the package, because HELLO. One eraser isn’t enough for ANYONE! Very impressed with the Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil. It’s got substance, and even though it’s black, and not a pretty blue color, I’m okay with it. It’s a pencil, so obviously it can’t write in blue, but come on, make one that’s blue in color. I love to be surrounded by my favorite color!

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