One of the best online money-saving sites is Hoopla Doopla

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Earning cash when you shop is a fantastic way to keep your hard-earned cash in your bank account. We all need to buy things, because clothing is outgrown, food is necessary for survival, shoes get old and need to be replaced, and when the fridge goes, it does have to be replaced. I’ve got two growing kids, and clothing is a necessity for them. I shop online for them, during off season sales, and ALWAYS through cash rebate sites. It’s just a great way to shop strategically, and of course, you get amazing value for your bucks!

I’ve touched upon Mr. Rebates, and Ebates, and now we’re going to chat about one of the best online money-saving sites, according to Financial Advisor Magazine. It’s Hoopla Doopla.

What makes Hoopla Doopla different than other cash rebate sites? They educate people about online shopping. It’s not just about finding bargains, but also about shopping safety, budgeting, and offering up a well-rounded education on the smartest, and safest ways to shop online. Plus, they have top notch customer service. We all know how much I value good customer service. I’ll pay more for a product when I know their customer service is outstanding. Your first stop after signing up should be the SHOPPING TIPS tab at the tippy top of the website’s homepage. Great information there, and it shows you how these two guys really want people to feel comfortable shopping online, regardless of which cash back site you wish to use.

Remember, it’s about always finding the best VALUE, not just finding the cheapest prices!

Sign Up

It’s a free site. No one has to pay anything to join the site. Just head to the site, use my referral link to sign up, and get started! Fill out your personal account information, including your PayPal address, because that’s the best way to be paid for your REFERRALS!!!! You can also get paid by check, but that takes longer. Go for the PayPal.

When you sign up, you can also subscribe to the newsletter, which sends deals, promotions, and announcements about the website. If you want to GIVE BACK, you can also sign up for Shop for a Cure Cancer Program. It’s a great way to donate a portion of the cash you earn from shopping through Hoopla Doopla. You can choose what percentage to donate, too! Anywhere from 10% all the way up to 100%. Just another thing that sets this site apart from all the others!

Now, if you’re like me and love to share great sites, and products you’ve fallen in love with, you want to start to refer people to Hoopla Doopla. They make it super easy to do, with links, and banners, and logos. When your referrals shop, you earn 20% of their cash back for LIFE. As long as they are shopping and earning, so are you. Pretty sweet deal, for sure.


You’re all signed up, and now you want to shop. It’s super easy. Head to the homepage. It’s going to show you everything you need. Right now, you’ll see in the header there’s Valentine’s Day specials. If you just want to shop, you can check out stores based on a category, or hit the ABC area at the top of the page. Not into that, just want to find a specific store, go put it in the search box!

Even better, you can start choosing some of your favorite stores to be placed into your favorite merchants list. OR, check out the doopla deals of the week.

If you’re into finding daily deals from all the merchants doing one that day, you can head to the daily deals tab at the top of the page. It’ll list out all the specials for that day. One of my favorite spots is the ending today tab. Any deals that were happening, but are coming to a close TODAY, will be shown right there. Very helpful piece of information for shopping!

I’m not a big coupon clipper for shopping in the grocery stores, that’s the husband’s thing. However, when I’m shopping online, I look to see what great coupons are available at my favorite stores, THROUGH the cash rebate sites I love. WHY? Because I know that the coupon code will not negate the cash rebate I earn. Hoopla Doopla takes it a step further and has merchants create EXCLUSIVE coupons just for Hoopla Doopla members. LOVE IT!!! It’s nice to be looked out for, right?

Finally, there’s also an extra cash tab you will want to hit. Merchants offering extra cash back for a limited time, well, you’ll find them listed here.

The only thing they still don’t have? Amazon.com doesn’t offer any cash back through Hoopla Doopla. They do offer up coupons, though. And sometimes, that’s worth more! Especially since the other sites offering cash back for Amazon.com only have it offered in specific categories of products on Amazon.com. So, really, at the end of the day, it’s not a big deal! Just something to consider when starting your shopping trip online!

Get Paid

Sooooooo, you’ve shopped a lot. Referred out the ying-yang. Now you want to get paid. As I mentioned, you can get paid by check, or PayPal. When you signed up you should have chosen which payment option you preferred. Now, the payment schedule. You can’t just request a check, or PayPal payment whenever you want to be paid. They have a payment schedule. It’s broken into four quarters.

  • January 1st through March 31st earnings are paid by April 15th
  • April 1st through June 30th earnings are paid by July 15th
  • July 1st through September 30th earnings are paid by October 15th
  • October 1st through December 31st earnings are paid by January 15th

What I love most about Hoopla Doopla? Beyond the amazing customer service, and the great referral program…….it’s owned by two cousins, and one of the owners is from my own neighborhood. I love that when I use them, and refer people to the site, I’m helping a company that is family owned, as well as a local business to Long Island. Of course, you don’t have to be from Long Island to use them.

What are you waiting for??????? Go start earning cash back, and sharing it with others!

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