Our Generation: OG Doll & Me Outfits

Disclosure: I received the OG Doll & Me Collection 3 outfit in order to write this review. I was given no monetary compensation. ALL opinions are 100% mine, and my daughter’s!

If my daughter could sleep in this dress, she would. It’s a beautiful dress, and she’s asked if she can wear it to school on the day of her birthday. The next question was if she could bring her doll, wearing the same dress, to school to show her off to her class. I’m still thinking about it…….

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If you’re not familiar with this line of clothing for dolls, you’re not alone. I had heard Target had a line of clothing for dolls that would fit a certain other kind of doll my daughter owns (purchased for her by her Aunt.) However, I’d never had time to check into it further, or even find out what the name of it was. Well, I guess that was the dumbest thing ever for this experienced shopper! I just kept telling Little Miss that her doll was content with the two outfits she had, plus the PJs that the two of them had to match each other.

Well, the PJs were becoming shorter and shorter on Little Miss, and this Mama had to figure out some fresh ideas for Little Miss and her doll, who we will call Mini Miss. Luckily enough, I came into contact with a lovely company that wanted to send me an amazing outfit for my daughter and her doll. The company? Our Generation, and the clothing line is OG Doll & Me. The answer was an absolute, and very loud, YES.

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Both dresses are made beautifully. I cannot believe they only cost $29.99 at Target. I honestly thought I’d get a Halloween costume quality set of dresses, but I didn’t. The material feels great, it’s all silky and girly. The colors are gorgeous, and the orange is of course, a big hit. We were sent a size 6, and my daughter is super petite, and it’s a little big at the top, but we can work with it for now. The dress for the doll: perfection. The look on my daughter’s face when I showed her the dresses: PRICELESS!

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a daughter, and she’s a big doll fan, whether it’s an Our Generation doll, or a certain other kind we all know and love, the OG Doll & Me outfits are a must for any smart shopper! Head out and score a few of these, they are totally worth the money!

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