Pantene Platinum Color Lock Shampoo & Conditioner pump bottles

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Picture this…you’re in the shower, ready to wash your hair. You grab the bottle of shampoo, turn it over and squeeze the bottle with what YOU THINK is the perfect amount of pressure to get the perfect amount of shampoo. You were wrong. Half the bottle ends up in the palm of your hand, and dripping down the sides of your hands. You watch your expensive color lock shampoo wash away, down the drain, never to be seen again. Who doesn’t love watching money slip right through their fingertips? My favorite part of using Pantene Platinum Color Lock shampoo and conditioner pump bottles from Sam’s Club? THE PUMP!

Pantene Color Lock shampoo and conditioner #panteneatsams #sponsored

Pantene Platinum Color Lock Shampoo & Conditioner pump bottles

First, spending a bunch of money to color my hair is a huge issue I have been dealing with for more years than I care to admit. Mr. Sunflower keeps telling me to just let it go, and say yes to the gray hair. As you can imagine, he gets death rays from my eyes when he mentions this to me. I get saving money, but I’m not up for being gray at my age. I’m fairly young, and I don’t like gray hair on me. It fades me out, I look terrible with light hair. I need my dark locks, so saving money by NOT coloring my hair is not an option.

Second, the multiple times I have to color my hair is a bit of a pain in the backside. The boxes always say 6 to 8 weeks of color. I call bull on that nonsense. Two weeks after I color my hair, the grays are starting to show again. It’s not cool. It doesn’t matter what brand at a local store, or a brand that was delivered to my home: color didn’t last. I tried everything to keep the color in longer: expensive salon quality shampoos purchased from the salon; expensive shampoos from local stores; not using shampoo at all, just conditioner. Nothing worked. More money down the drain, along with my hair color….

Finally, I decided to give Pantene Platinum Color Lock Shampoo & Conditioner a try. Not only did I give it a try for six weeks, I pumped both products into travel sized containers to bring with me to Disney! Now that’s commitment. Mama doesn’t check bags, so everything has to work with carry-on luggage. I went to the store, purchased containers, with pumps, to pump both Pantene Platinum Color Lock shampoo and conditioner into the travel containers. No one else was allowed to touch them, they had to use the Disney resort stuff in their hair the whole trip. If it came down to it, I would have locked them in the in-room safe. However, Mr. Sunflower was good, he didn’t touch my stuff.

How did the color lock work for the six weeks?

Here’s what my hair looked like the day I put a brand new application of color, and hadn’t washed my hair at all after applying the color. We’ll call this my “before” shots!

Pantene Platinum Color Lock Shampoo & Conditioner pump bottles #pantene #colorlock #sponsored

After two weeks, my hair was still looking great. Three weeks, still good. It was week four that did me in. It all started to unravel in week four. Wheels came off the cart, and surprisingly, I wasn’t upset. Normally, the color would have been obliterated during week two. Pantene Platinum Color Lock gave me a couple extra weeks! I was so dedicated, I went the full SIX WEEKS without touching color to my hair. Even after six weeks, it wasn’t as bad as it usually was by the 6-week mark.

Pantene Platinum Color Lock #pantenecolorlock #sponsored

To buy, or not to buy, Pantene Platinum Color Lock hair products

You have to wash your hair, right? Sam’s Club has Pantene Platinum Color Lock shampoo and conditioner 40 oz. pump bottles for less than $8 each. The pump bottles are perfection, because again, you do one pump of each per cleaning and conditioning. No wasting shampoo like with those silly bottles with caps on the ends. Squeeze them, and half the bottle decides to pour out into your drain! Pump bottles save money, and I have to tell you, I’ve gotten so many compliments on how great my hair smells, it’s kind of getting ridiculous! After I’m done with my 40 oz. bottles, we’ll be heading up to Sam’s Club to restock.

We’re going to save on coloring my hair, since now I can go a bit longer between colorings. Plus, the added bonus of using less product while in the shower. No more watching my hard-earned money drip all the way down my arm, into the tub, and down the drain! You know you want to give it a try! Go ahead, head over to Sam’s Club, or just go right to the website to order your own bottles of Pantene Platinum Color Lock shampoo and conditioner.

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Pantene Color Lock shampoo and conditioner #PanteneAtSams #ad

*This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Pantene Platinum at Sam’s Club.

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