Perfect gift for the photography fan

Disclosure: I’m a fan of PicMonkey and I use it almost every day. It’s my favorite yearly purchase. I decided to share PicMonkey with everyone, and I’m using an affiliate link within this blog post. An affiliate link will just provide me with a small commission when you purchase your PicMonkey using the link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it does provide November Sunflower with an income to run this amazing business. Thank you for your support!

PicMonkey affiliate link.Photo editing is the most time consuming part of the photography process. It doesn’t matter if you have the perfect lighting, or the most exquisite setting. Every photographer needs to photo edit. Professionals, amateurs, and hobbyists. Photo editing is a must! Instead of buying a very advanced, and cumbersome photo editing software program, consider PicMonkey. It’s the perfect gift for the photography fan.

Perfect gift for the photography fan

I have this website I work on every day. You know it, since you’re here visiting and reading it. I do a ton of watermarking on my images, because it’s just a part of doing business on the world wide web! I don’t take perfect photos, and there’s usually a lot of editing to do. However, I also use PicMonkey for my personal photos, too. A couple of years ago I boxed myself in with just the free version, but after getting frustrated with the somewhat limited options with the free version, I bit the bullet and just got a yearly membership.

PicMonkey: photo editing made of win is sort of my mantra every time I start working in the program. I don’t have to download software, I can use it on my MAC, or if I have to use my husband’s laptop for something, I can just log into my PicMonkey account and diddle around there. It’s pure genius. I wish I had thought of it, because honestly, I’d never go a day without using it.

Seriously, these are my photos on awesome juice, along with some collages!

The kids just had a birthday, and we wanted to send the amazing staff at Sky Zone a thank you. How cute is this one?  It’s created with the new Comics Pack:

photography fan #sponsored #holidayshopping

The kids had a great Halloween, and to share the fun with family and friends, I created a cute collage of the events of the day!

photography fan #picmonkey #affiliate #holidaygift

When it was Thanksgiving time last year, I created a cute Happy Thanksgiving message for friends, and family. Of course, I used PicMonkey to do it!

photography fan #picmonkey #affiliateAnything can be captured in a photograph, but when you’ve got PicMonkey, you can make those photos special. It’s the most inexpensive treat you can give to the photo nut in your life. Look at all you can do to make your photos pure awesome using crazy-awesome photo editing.

photography fan #picmonkey #affiliate

photography fan #picmonkey #affiliatephotography fan #pickmonkey #affiliate

Design your own holiday cards

Tired of using standard holiday cards on photo sharing websites? Design your own killer holiday cards on PicMonkey and load them up on any site you want! PicMonkey has so many uses, and is a totally amazing price! Under $35 gift ideas are the best way to celebrate the holidays!!!
photography fan #picmonkey #affiliate

Definitely put this on the “must buy for the holidays” list for a loved one in your life. Go ahead, head over and get the one year PicMonkey membership today!


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