Perfectly simple evening dress WITH pockets

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It’s always my goal when shopping for a dress, to find one with pockets. Do you know how hard it is to find a pretty dress, but also has pockets? Seriously, it’s next to impossible. WHY? Well, most women carry pocketbooks. Or little clutches. I’m not sure how this came to be, or why this came to be, but it BE.

eShakti Spring Collection

A pretty black evening dress with pockets

Personally, I hate pocketbooks. Always have. Always will. It irks Mr. Sunflower to MY STUFF when we go to a wedding. It’s kind of why it’s always my goal to find the most perfectly simple evening dress with pockets. Listening to the whining is getting old. So what if you have to my wallet, at functions requiring us to wear something other than jeans, and flip flops.

The “no frills” dress shopping method

There are pieces in my wardrobe that are “filler” pieces. They’re items that won’t last me for years, but serve their purpose in a crunch. If I’m looking for a filler piece, I shop at stores offering super low prices, with free shipping. I start the shopping trip on a price comparison site. Then I find the item through my favorite cash rebate site, making sure for free shipping. I never forget to use coupon codes! Voila. I get it for almost nothing. It’ll serve me for a few seasons, and then I’ll donate it.

The “forever piece” dress shopping method

If I’m looking for a good black dress, an amazing skirt, or jacket, I’ll wear for ten, or more years…….well, that’s a little more complicated. In order to find high quality, you’ve got to do a lot more than an online shopping trip at a store like Target. No offense to Target. I do a lot of shopping there. However, finding a piece for my “long term” wardrobe, doesn’t include Target.

When I’m searching for a “forever” dress, I want:

  • high quality
  • good prices
  • a good selection

Custom fitted clothing, top notch stitching, and an attention to detail usually costs a BOATLOAD of cash. Well, that is unless you head to a little shop online called eShakti.com. Even better, you can find them through Mr. Rebates. eShakti customized everything based on your measurements. It costs a little extra to do this, but my gosh, it’s so worth it. Soooooooooo worth it.

My love for eShakti started with one thing: amazing dresses with pockets. I never thought I’d find amazing quality, plus pockets, in a beautiful dress. What stinks? There’s no free shipping. HOWEVER, all shipping fees are reasonable, and vary with the amount of your total order.

New little black dress

My newest little black dress I ordered is so well made, I can’t even believe it only costs $129.95. Seriously, it fits like a glove, the material is beautiful, it feels like I’m wearing nothing when I slip it on. And, the pockets! You’d never even know they were there. So well hidden, it’s pure awesome. On the site I wasn’t in love with the length of the dress, because I’m short.

I like to have a dress that either hits all the way to the floor, or is above the knee. When a dress length his me right below the knee, I look short. Well, I look shorter than usual. So, I adjusted it. I asked for it a little above the knee. PERFECT.

When I first saw the dress on the website, I thought GORGEOUS. However, I had a similar dress with the “tank” style top. Let’s be honest, ladies, we need to mix it up a bit, especially with your “black” dresses. Upon further investigation, I saw I could alter the sleeve length. I had them add cap sleeves to it. I wasn’t super sure if it would be as awesome, but when I got it out of the box, I FELL IN LOVE.

Totally loved how the neckline really stood out with the added cap sleeve. Plus, it hides a little of the jiggly arm stuff happening!

Ohhhhh, and those pockets…. BAZINGA.

All opinions are my own. *I received this dress at no cost in order to facilitate this review.

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