Personalized engraved JORD Watch for Dad Review

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Personalized engraved JORD Watch for Dad? Why haven’t I thought of this sooner? I had no idea wood watches existed, and that they could be personalized, that’s why! I think wood watch, I think cheesy looking. Well, I used to. JORD Watches couldn’t be further from cheesy. You’d never know many of them are made of wood, and are outrageously gorgeous. There’s women’s watches in the JORD Watch collection, but I prefer to wear a man’s watch. Always have. So that’s exactly what I got to review!

Personalized engraved JORD Watch for the man in your life

Father’s Day & gifts for dad in general

Dads are next to impossible to shop for. Personally, my father ends up buying what he wants, when he wants it. He never gives us kids a chance to buy anything cool, because he’s already gone and bought it for himself. It is what it is, he is who he is, what can I do? He gets a lot of gift cards to places he likes to eat, along with shirts. He’s a bit of a messy cooker, eater, and drinker. Shirts make sense, however, how boring is giving, and receiving, a shirt? SNOOZE FEST, right?

Personalized engraved JORD Watch for Dad Review

Well, my friends, you’re in luck. I’ve found something for Dad he’ll not only love, but he’ll be unable to return it, because you’ve slapped it with personalized engraved awesomeness! I know, I’m such a brat. It is what it is, I am who I am. What can one do, right? But this watch though. As soon as I opened it up, and saw the ocean blue gorgeous color staring back at me, I fell in love. IN LOVE.

JORD Wood Watch for Dad on Father's Day

It’s sturdy, looks gorgeous on my wrist (and yes, I like a man’s watch, even if this one is a tad larger than the ones I have had in the past,) and comes in a killer wooden box! There’s a little packet in the box to help keep the wood pretty while it’s stored in the box. There’s a cloth and oil to keep the wood looking pretty. What more could one ask for with a wood watch? My favorite part of the whole watch? You’d never know it was wood. It looks like it could be made of stone. As soon as I pulled it out I was shocked at how well made it was, and seriously thought it was made out of some kind of rock. Chiseled out of stone.

I’m a fan. Look at me rocking this bad boy on my wrist!

Sawyer Series Ebony & Ultramarine JORD Wood Watch for your man

If you think a woman can’t rock a man’s watch with her pretty dress, and heels, think again.

JORD Wood Watch


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