Photo Books are my THANG……

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Shutterfly favorite photo gift

Hi, my name is November Sunflower, and I’m a photo gift addict. AND DARN PROUD OF IT! I’ve never loved having photos taken. I hate “posing” and I’m not big at looking at myself. The only time I look in the mirror at home is to brush my teeth in the mornings.

What’s my favorite photo gift to give my loved ones?

However, I’ve really become a big fan of TAKING photos. When did that happen? After my first child was born. I know, so cliche, right? I mean, my kids are SO DAMN CUTE, how could I not want to photograph them over and over again?

What started to happen? I had so many pictures downloaded to Shutterfly.com, it overwhelmed me. However, I didn’t want albums of pictures taking over all my shelves. Instead, I found a phenomenal solution! I found Photo Books. My favorite ones have always been on Shutterfly.com. I’ve tried many different photo companies out there. I’ve got a photo book from pretty much everyone offering them. I find myself going back to Shutterfly every time, though.

Photo gifts at Shutterfly.com

If you don’t know what a photo book is, let me tell you, they are the best creation ever to come to the world of Moms! You can jam pack these books with amazing photos, but in a beautiful way. Amazing layouts, colorful pages, stylish designs…..you can even add text if you wish. I must warn you though, it is TOTALLY time consuming. I get sucked into creating my book, and I’m lost to the world for hours. I’ve had to get a kitchen timer to limit my time to 30 minute intervals. My family was getting perturbed (yes, I had to check the spelling on that one folks, you know me so well.)

The first photo book I made had my daughter’s first year of life recorded, in pictures from the day she was born, until her 1st birthday in 2007. It just steam rolled from there. People loved the books I created, so guess what? Photo books became my favorite photo gift to give to my family.

After a few years, though, I branched out. With so many celebrations, I was always giving photo books. I had to change it up.

Each Father’s Day, Mr. Sunflower gets a brand new mug to use on his desk at work. What’s it covered in? Pictures of the kids. The photo mugs get better each year. New layouts, now they come in different sizes, and also travel mugs. Totally awesome. Big fan!

Of course, since I’m the one that handles all of this creating, I don’t get these gifts for “specific” events, like Mother’s Day. I create them, wait for a good sale, then order myself one. It’s a nice treat throughout the year, because why wait for a big event, like Mother’s Day, to give yourself a gift!


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