Planet Sock Monkey

Planet Sock Monkey

Plain and simple: Planet Sock Monkey is cool. The 10″ knit sock monkeys come dressed in a variety of styles, and each one has it’s own personality.

Long Sock Silver: He’s a pirate, with a sword, and an eye patch. Seriously, is there anything else I need to tell you?

  • Ima Bananerd: A clumsy little monkey, who is totally secure in all her nerdiness. My kind of monkey!
  • Eaton Dedd: This one scares me, as I’m not sure I can get down with a zombie, that’s always hungry…..don’t zombies eat brains? Crazy.
  • Magenta Beetsch: Even though she’s got pink hair, she’s my favorite. She’s hard-core, her name is awesome. Plus, she’s into tattoos. I always wanted one, just never got one. I’ll live through the sock monkey!
  • M.O.N.K.: A rapper with his own boombox. Sunglasses are my weakness, and that hat is something I’m always trying to get The Boy to wear. It’s just pure awesome.
  • Star Harmonkey: Though I love her name, and purple guitar…..sweet and blond just isn’t for me. LOL!!! But hey, she’ll probably be loved by many out there. I think the pink boots are what did her in for me….it’s that horrible bubble gum pink I just can’t stomach!

Magenta Beetsch Planet Sock Monkey

In all seriousness, the monkeys are fantastic, but what makes me love them most is the company that makes them. Patch Products is a FAMILY-OWNED company, and they are developing award-winning, HIGH QUALITY products. When I see family-owned, I’m always a bit more apt to spend a smidge more on a product. In this case, it’s true. If I saw this on a store shelf, not knowing it was a family-owned company, I’d pass, as I’d never spend $21.99 on a stuffed toy.

However, now, since I know what I know? I’d probably get one each for my kids for a special occasion, like Easter, or for a special milestone, like making it through a dance recital. Instead of spending a ton of money on flowers that’ll just die in two days, I’d get my daughter one flower, stick it in the sock monkey’s arms, and VOILA! It’s the perfect milestone gift idea!


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