Replenishing gift wrapping supplies after the flood

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Over the years I created a beautiful stockpile of gift bags, tissue paper and bows. A stockpile of high quality bags, and just amazingly beautiful bows. Whenever I gave a gift, there was also a lot of thought that went into the “wrapping” of the gift. Unfortunately, my treasured gift wrapping supplies all got blown to bits when the flood hit our home. Stupid me, I stored them too close to the floor, in the basement. The basement that got flooded back in August. Now it’s November.

November when my kids’ birthdays hit, and Thanksgiving is upon us, and OH YEAH, the Christmas Holidays are happening next month. Do you know how hard it is to procure amazing gift wrapping supplies on such short notice? SUPER HARD. I’m not sure how I upset Mother Nature, but I must have, and I’m left with replenishing my gift wrapping supplies after the flood.

Once again, I’m doing all of this right before the kids’ birthdays, and the holiday season! Lucky me, right? I’d be more concerned if I didn’t have my “ace in the hole.” However, I’m not about keeping my ace in the hole to myself, which will make it no longer an ace in the hole. I’m okay with that. Once you find a golden nugget like Bags & Bows, you don’t want to hide it!

Replenishing gift wrapping supplies after the flood

November Sunflower’s got to have good quality gift wrapping supplies. Everything has to stand out, be well-made, and coordinate like a rockstar. Wait, do rockstars coordinate? Doesn’t matter. You all know what I mean. The wrapping has to be pure awesome, because you sell the sizzle, not the steak. Well, Bags & Bows brings the sizzle! Just because it’s main customers are retail companies, it doesn’t make a difference! Little old me found amazing gift wrapping supplies with plenty of time to spare before the kids’ birthdays!

When I give gifts, I want people to know which ones are from me, without them having to look at the tag. Under the tree on Christmas Eve, or at a birthday party, it doesn’t matter. It’s my chance to stand out, and bring the sizzle. It’s my chance to make a statement, and to stand out. Who doesn’t want that? When you wan to stand out, you’ve got to think outside the box. Head to stores and websites that sell with “image” and “branding” in mind. Besides the fact that buying in bulk is just smart shopping!

If you want to save money, you look for discounts, too. Guess what? Bags and Bows has discounts. Look what you get at Bags & Bows Online! – 15% off. Yup, 15% off. It makes it just that much sweeter, and makes the sizzle feel even better for the gift giver!

Selections are fantastic, and the holidays will totally be covered. Find the style you like, and want to stick with for your “signature” look for this season, and order!!!! Check it out, and start ordering Bags & Bows right now!

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