Complete strangers bond with The Boy over the cutest apps on the iPad

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My son. He’s the younger one of the kids, and he gets dragged to all of his big sister’s activities. Little Miss has an activity EVERY night of the week, except on Fridays. Plus, she’s got an activity on Saturdays, as well. Jiu Jitsu is 45 minutes, dance is an hour, and tennis is 45 minutes. Poor little brother has to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait some more.

The Boy is just about to turn 4, so he isn’t really good with being patient, and just sitting. Who is? I’m well over the age of four, and I find it rather boring waiting for Little Miss all the time! In comes the iPad. It’s my iPad, which I use for work, and reading those eBooks I really don’t love to do, but hey, it’s easier than having people send me copies of books all the time when I have to review them. The kids are forbidden to use the iPad at home, but they do get to play with it while they “wait.” Little Miss doesn’t get to play on it much, because she rarely waits. The Boy? Well, he gets to play it Mondays through Thursdays, and again on Saturday, while he waits for his sister’s activities to be over.

Normally, he plays alone. Just sitting, while I read, or watch Little Miss doing her activities. However, when he gets a really cool game on there, one that none of the kids has seen before…….well, a crowd forms. Kids who are in the same boat as he is, WAITING for their siblings to be done with their activities, start to migrate over to my son, as he plays.

The one the kids love to watch him play? Nuko™ Animal Planet Wildlands. It’s got 3-packs of cards you can purchase for $1.99 at Walmart, Toys R Us, and Apple stores, even a few Target stores, too. The cards come in packs, sort of like trading cards, and you use them to tap on the iPad’s screen. Each card has a different animal on it, which is introduced into the game once the card is tapped onto the screen. WICKED COOL, my friends. The kids LOVE IT.

Animal Planet

The app can be downloaded right from iTunes, and it’s free. It comes with a few animals on it, preloaded. However, the cards are inexpensive (3 for $1.99), and there are 60 of them out there. There are 50 exotic animal cards, which include lemurs, giraffes, and more. Then there are 10 customization cards which alter the environment, like volcanic eruptions. All the animal cards have a photo of the the animal on the front, and educational facts, and figures, on the back.

If you’ve got an iPod, iPad, or an iPhone, you can download the app, and use the cards. If you’re not into keeping track of all those cards, and you’re not interested in trading them with friends, you can also download Virtual ones right from the app itself for a fee.

And like everything else these days, it’s 3D. Unlike everything else, you don’t need any glasses to see the amazing graphics. Kids 3 and over will swarm around this game, I’ve seen them do it!

My favorite part? If you’re not comfortable with your little one picking up the iPad to move the animals around the wild lands, you can have them do it right on the screen. Which is what The Boy normally does, since that iPad can get a little heavy for his little arms. He’s happy, I feel better knowing he’s not going to drop the iPad (even with the cover on it,) and everyone in the crowd gets to watch a little more easily.

Amazing “party favor” to hand out to kids, or a stocking stuffer, as long as you know there is some kind of Mac product in their home!

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