Music Review: Listening to Mat Kearney’s album Young Love just for you

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

Listening to Mat Kearney’s album for all of you. I’m such a good woman, right? Recently I was given the opportunity to listen to and review Mat Kearney‘s third album, Young Love. In one word: Beautiful. I’m a music lover. We have it on in my home all the time, car rides are always packed with lots of music to jam to. I even run my weekly series, Turn it Up Tuesdays, in honor of my love for music. Do I love ALL music, no. I’m not a heavy metal chick, nor am I a country music chick (my husband likes country music). But in general, I’m a music lover. Classical, jazz, instrumental, pop, hip hop, alternative and more. It’s always fun to experience the newest music when it first comes out, so hearing this new CD was a treat!

Listening to the Mat Kearney album Young Love and it’s all for you guys!

So onto my review of Mat Kearney’s newest album, Young Love.

As soon as I popped it into the CD player of my car, I thought immediately of Dave Matthews and John Mayer. The first song definitely has the same kind of vibe. It’s called Hey Mama and I thought it was beautifully written and sung. It’s definitely something you’ll be bopping to in the car with your windows open, driving up the coastline! The kids can sing with it and there’s a great beat, with lots of chances for my kids to clap along with the song. Definitely a great start to the CD! And the “Hey Mama Don’t want no drama” totally fits my daughter to a “t”. We sing that line SUPER LOUD in the car while we’re rolling in the Hyundai!

I actually enjoyed the entire CD, to be honest. Not all of it is upbeat, it can be kind of a “thinking man’s” kind of music. One of the most heart felt songs on there is Rochester. I’m not sure if he wrote this from personal experience, but my gosh, it’s powerful! It’s definitely going to resonate with anyone who doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes his or her parents made raising kids. Regardless of what the mistakes were: Hitting, drinking, yelling, abuse. Whatever the mistakes, it’s a song that you can feel the pain of having your own kids and not knowing if you’ll have the ability to break that cycle. POWERFUL stuff, my friends. But such a beautiful track, you have to just love it even more!

I’d never heard of Mat Kearney before I got this CD in the mail, but I’m aware of him now and I’m a fan! Definitely check out what he’s got going on in his new album!

I received Mat Kearney’s album, Young Love as a gift from One2One Network for this blog post. All opinions are mine!

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