Snuck in some fun before Super Storm Sandy with Ravensburger Bead Magic Weaving Loom

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

Bead MagicWhat else is there to do when you’re waiting for the storm to come through your area, but make a bracelet with your daughter? As we watched the news, and weather, waiting for the vicious life-changing storm hit our area last week, my mind was racing about getting the kids’ minds off of what was happening around us. I happen to have a stack of things to review, so we broke out the girliest thing I could find, and got to playing!

Trust me, my son was just as excited to help make a bracelet. We got the bags of beads opened up, and the two kids, and my husband, sorted all the colored beads. It was probably the most fun for them, because my kids are natural “sorters.” They are also hoarders. We have a problem, folks, and I’m not sure I can save them!

Bead Magic Preparations

My husband had to set up the strings on the loom, because there was no way my daughter would be able to cut, and string them up on the loom. She’s get frustrated. Honestly, it says 6 years and older on the box……I’m waaaaay older than six, and I’m telling you, it wasn’t easy! My husband ended up doing most of the work. My daughter’s only job for this one? Picking out the colors she wanted, and holding the needle, putting the beads on there, and then handing it to my husband so he could thread it through the loom.

Bead Magic Bracelet

If it was just Little Miss doing it…….let’s just say we would still be sitting there, TODAY. We started it last Monday!

As the storm grew worse, and the bracelet was done, we put everything away and CRACK! Down came the first of many branches, only this one took out our electric, and we were left in the dark, cold, and scary night. We just got the kids into bed with us, snuggled up, and hoped for the best. The next day, me and the kids headed to my Mom’s house, and Little Miss proudly showed off her new creation.

Mom’s house got power back, we headed back to our house, left the bracelet at home, and packed up to stay with the parents until our electric returned. Yeah, that was last night – 9 days after losing it. Bracelet is waiting for Little Miss to return home from school today, and she’ll be wearing it tomorrow for her birthday!

Basically, I loved the item, I just don’t think it’s going to be something a six year old can do alone. It’s perfect for mom and daughter bonding, or in this case, Daddy and daughter bonding! Definitely a winner in our house.

*I was provided with this item in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are that of my daughter, husband, son, and ME!


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