Sparkle and Glitter: Little Miss loves her Style Me Up Tattoos

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Style Me Up Tattoo Box

Every grand opening we attend these days, has someone doing face painting, and another person putting on tattoos of some kind. It’s the new thing, I guess. Birthday parties, too. We’ve attended a few birthday parties at friends’ homes, where they had people come, and paint tattoos on the kids’ arms, not just the face painting. It’s really cute, but it’s not lasting as long as my two would like them to last.

I’m not much of an artist, so I can’t really sit down and paint something super cool on their arm, or on their face, to pass the time on a rainy, dreary day. However, toy companies are making it a little easier, because they’re coming out with tattoos you can just decorate, pull off the paper, and stick right onto your child’s arm, or face.

Style Me Up has a line of tattoos like this, and since my daughter, as well as my son (don’t ask,) love anything that sparkles – I figured other kids must be the same way!

What it comes with

We got the Glitter Powder Tattoos from Style Me Up! It came with two sheets of tattoos, 3 tubes of glitter powder in purple, silver, and blue, plus rhinestones.

Simple to Use

It was rather easy to figure out, once I read the instructions. Each sticker tattoo has a specific color scheme, that incorporates all three glitter powder colors, plus rhinestones. Basically, you peel off the colored paper, underneath is sticky, and that’s where you follow the design from the piece you just pulled off.

For example, my daughter decided to do the cherries. We peeled the purple/reddish part off of the two cherries. Put the rhinestones shaped liked stars onto the centers of the cherries, as it showed on the paper we pulled off to reveal the sticky part. Then we poured a little of the purple glitter powder on the stickiness, she pushed it around to cover the cherries, and then we moved to the stem, and the leaf.

SUPER SIMPLE tattoos for the kids! No stress for Mom! 

Then you just pull the finished product off the sheet, slap it on the kid, and you’re done! Easy, fun, and they look really pretty. The tattoos lasted two days, as long as we washed around it at bath time.

Style Me Up Glitter Powder Tattoos

I received this from Wooky Entertainment, the creators of Style Me Up!. But you can purchase the tattoos for a relatively low cost at Walmart, and use it as a stocking stuffer. If you’re having a birthday party, these are great for the kids to do to keep them busy. Just put the glitter powder into smaller containers, so they don’t waste all of it, and get upset there isn’t enough!


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