Roaring Spring notebooks and office goodies

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Office supplies are to me what shoes are to most women. I’ve got an addiction to pens, notebooks, markers, filing supplies….I can get lost for hours on sites like Shoplet.com. While everyone else is spending their hours on Pinterest, I’m hitting Shoplet.com. It’s just all those notebooks and office goodies make my mind go crazy. It’s my drug of choice!

notebooks and office goodies #shopletreviews roaring springs

Roaring Spring notebooks and office goodies

I’m usually alone most of my day. Yes, I connect with people online, or over the phone. I even get to connect with people through video chats. However, when I’m working and in the thick of it, I’m usually alone at my desk. There are times on writing away on my computer, and there are times I’m feverishly writing old school style with a pen and paper. If I’m using paper, it’s usually in a notebook. I like pretty notebooks, and I like when the notebooks I’m using give me a little inspiration. It can be inspiration through pictures, or messages, or colors.

Roaring Spring has Lifenotes Notebook products that kind of always fit the bill. They’ve got color paper that matches the notebook’s cover. I LOVE THAT. The best part of the whole thing? If I take the notebook with me anywhere, it fits in my jacket pocket (my pockets are big,) and there’s a little pocket folder at the very front of the notebook. It’s the perfect spot for business cards to be slipped into, and when I’m attending an event, I usually need a printout of either a ticket, or information about where I’m going. Now there’s a little pocket in my notebook!

Landscape Pad from Roaring Spring and Shoplet.com

notebooks and office goodies #shopletreviews roaring spring

If you’re a designer, or anyone who basically lives in the computer world, you’ll probably want to check out the Landscape Pad from Roaring Spring. Whenever I’m working on something for November Sunflower, I find it hard to visualize it when working on a regular pad of paper. I’d have to say MOST of us in the world right now work on a computer, and we see things in landscape all day long. When we transition to a pad of paper, we have a hard time adjusting. I know I do. It’s annoying to lay something out on a regular pad of paper, then wonder why when I see it on the computer it looks “off.”

My mind thinks in above the fold, and below the fold. Having a landscape pad helps me keep it straight…..in my head. Plus, all the pretty colors I get to look at help, too. Orchid, and blue are my favorites. I gave the pink to my daughter.

Personally, I just love quality. I like my stuff sturdy, and I like it to be able to take a beating. I throw my notebooks into my pockets, or my camera bag, and I don’t want to have to worry about anything getting torn. Roaring Spring gives me what I need, at a decent price on Shoplet.com. November Sunflower’s take on my new goodies from Roaring Spring is two thumbs up. Loving them, using them, sharing them!

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