Safariology: How does an insect see the world?

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School can be a bit boring. It’s very focused on tests, and racing to the top. I’m still not sure what the “top” is that my kids are suppose to be racing to, but I do know that school gets a bit “tedious.” However, my kids still love to learn. Science is a big one for The Boy. He’s very into bugs, too. Safariology is a great brand of toys that help me answer silly questions he asks me on a regular basis, like “How does an insect see the world?”

Yeah, he’s that kind of kid. Shoot me now, right?

However, finding toys that help me answer such pain in the ass inquisitive questions, always brightens my day!

#safari #solarsystem #insectsWe checked out a few items, including a great Solar System. It’s the most beautiful “toy” I could imagine of our solar system. Amazing quality, and details, and so dang small. The Boy almost lost two of the planets, but we found them after I did a little screaming that he lost them…….but enough about that, let’s get back to the toys. The one thing that got TWO THUMBS UP from The Boy was the How Insects See! It’s this simple little toy that has made his life complete.

Who would have thought a little piece of red plastic, and some lenses would be this entertaining to a child?! The red plastic tube has a spot at the end to put different lenses in it, and then your child can put the “stopper” on the lens to keep it in place. Once it’s all put together, look through the plastic tube and see how an insect can see. It’s rather simple, but oh so cool. Totally love the quality of the item, the company puts so much into everything they make! It’ll be the best $4.99 you ever spend on a anything for your son, or daughter. It’s such a great idea for a stocking stuffer, or even if you’re having a birthday party and want a unique favor to hand to the kids.

I’m going out on a limb here by writing this, but I would imagine after seeing the quality in everything sent to me from Safari Ltd., anything you purchase off of their website will be aces in your house. I’m kind of shocked at the prices for the quality of the toys. I think they’re insane, but I’m not going to deter them from selling them for such amazingly low prices!

The whole company has November Sunflower’s seal of approval! Total quality for the price paid. TWO THUMBS UP.



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