Saturday Purchases that provide great value for your cash

Saturdays……normally, I spend them shuttling my daughter to her Jiu Jitsu dojo. Perhaps a library program, or two. In the nice weather, we head to Nana’s house for some swimming in the pool…….I don’t think much about shopping on a Saturday. It’s probably why you’re getting this post on a Monday! Sorry……..

If you’re shopping on a Saturday, and you want to get the most bang for your buck, I’d stick to the following:

  • Books. I have no real answer as to why this would be the case. I have no common sense reasoning to offer. All I can tell you is for some reason, book prices go down on Saturdays. I know, every single weekend, I get some kind of coupon for a chain bookstore called Barnes & Noble. Online the prices dip down, too. And now, with everyone downloading books these days, those prices dip down, as well. Friday they jack prices up, Saturday they drop them. If anyone knows why historically this is the day for book prices to drop, please, leave me a comment. I’m kind of stumped……and Google isn’t helping find the best answer for me.
  • DEPARTMENT STORES & any stores that have Sunday Circulars come out on Sunday! Circulars for all the stores come out on Sunday, right? Get them in your Sunday paper, or they can be found online, as well. The stores have to get the stuff tagged, and ready to rumble. I remember when I worked in a department store. The store had a one day sale on Wednesdays. Anyone who worked on Tuesdays was stuck marking stuff down, changing out signs……GOOD TIMES. People shopping all around you, while you’re marking stuff down, changing signs out, all in preparation for the following day. Guess what? If someone was shopping on that day, and the signs were switched out, or the special tags were placed on the clothing, they got the good deals. Same goes for shopping on Saturday nights at your favorite stores who tend to have huge deals coming out on Sundays circulars.

You’ve got JC Penney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and a load of other stores doing circulars on Sundays. Sometimes you’ve got smaller stores like Pier 1 Imports, or Old Navy, and even Ulta, or Sephora, doing a fantastic Sunday circular. Get yourselves to your favorite spots, with your coupons that are still good, and make sure it’s later on Saturday, sort of close to quitting time. You’ll score the great prices, with the coupons, and make out better than those shopping on Sunday. Plus, the selection will be larger for you!

Saturday nights……shopping. When did it change from dating, to shopping, for a big high? Eh, that’s for another time!!! Just go get your bargains for now!

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