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Hermes Birkin Purse. Español: El bolso modelo ...

Hermes Birkin Purse. Español: El bolso modelo Birkin, fabricado por la compañía Hermès. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve made it through most of the week, and have arrived at Thursday. Ladies. All the ladies. Louder now, help me out…..ALL THE LADIES. Thursday is all about purses.

Personally, I hate carrying a handbag/purse/pocketbook around. It’s why I like pockets in everything I own. INCLUDING DRESSES. Dresses with pockets are pure ecstasy for me. ORGASMIC if you will…..okay, back to purses for all of you out there who love a good deal on a fantastic bag.

  • Shop online for a purse. Apparently, Thursday’s the day of the week to score purses for up to 40% off. Deals, discounts, coupons……all of them offer lower prices. I would suggest hunting on your favorite cash rebate site, because it’ll show you the hottest deals to be had on any given day. Even better? Sign up to get emails from your favorite cash rebate sites. I get tons of them each day, showing me what’s hot to buy RIGHT NOW. It shows me the discount, how long the discount’s available for, and whatever coupons might help me get an even better deal.
  • Clothes. Listen, every store is different. Cycles are not always the same, but it seems as if Thursdays are a big “weekend sale” starting day. Every “department” within a store has their “big day” for great prices. Dresses, shoes, pants, etc. You’ll have to see when your favorite stores cycle through, meaning MARK DOWN their inventory each week. Once you understand when this is done, you can plan accordingly with your purchases, and huge sales. If you’re okay with having a smaller selection, just wait until Monday to buy a dress, get a lower price, because most sales will have ended, and markdowns will start up…..AGAIN, learn your store’s markdown cycles!!!! Not every store known to man, just the ones you love. Ask the staff when they start marking down the dresses, the pants, the shoes….what day of the week, or is there a day of the month set aside for markdowns, etc. Ask!!! It’s not a secret.

Each store is different, each online retailer is also different. Regions do things differently, as well. What happens on Long Island, may not happen the same way in Oregon. Just know that there are markdown cycles, and they happen weekly, monthly, and seasonally. Empower yourself, and save like a pro!

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