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Before you say to yourself “November Sunflower, you cray, cray. You tell me to use coupons I find on my Cash Rebates site, because they work with my Cash Rebate sites, but then you show me this new site, RetailMeNot.com? What’s up?”


Let me write this loud and proud: YES, ALWAYS TRY TO USE COUPONS THAT WORK WITH YOUR CASH REBATE SITES, but sometimes, the more strategic shopping coup will be a coupon code, from a separate website. HOWEVER, STILL SHOP THROUGH THE CASH REBATE SITE, WHILE USING THE COUPON CODES FOUND ON OTHER SITES. You never know if the coupon code, and the rebate site will “work together,” so leave it up to them to work their “sh*t out.”


That being stated, I totally believe you should score the savings you want with RetailMeNot.com! Do it. If the better deal is the coupon you find on RetailMeNot.com, USE IT. I still tell you to start your shopping trip at one of your favorite price comparison sites, then once you find the best prices out there, head to your Cash Rebate site that you adore, find the store on there, click through and locate the item, and then head to RetailMeNot.com to see if they have a better coupon than the Cash Rebate shop is offering through their site (because sometimes they don’t even have a coupon happening, just the cash back percentage from the store.)


Once you have your lowest price, found the best coupon code to use, and have made sure you went through your cash rebate site to make your purchase, and used your favorite cash earning credit card,  you’ve now completed a major strategic shopping experience. Now, if you’re like me, and earned and redeemed points for cash, you’re feeling even better, because what you just bought at the best price, with the best coupon, from the best cash rebate site, with your favorite cash earning credit card, is basically free! And you earned cash on top of it being free to you.


DO YOU SEE IT NOW???????!!!!!!!!! Is it all coming together for you out there? Soak it in. You deserve it!


I guess I should tell you a bit about RetailMeNot.com, huh? Okay, here we goooooooooooo…..


  • Coupon Codes: you can find a plethora of coupon codes to use online at your favorite stores such as, Old Navy, Target, Kohl’s, Amazon, and more. Insane! Coupons that offer huge discounts, and my favorites, the FREE SHIPPING coupons. There’s a whole tab dedicated to the FREE SHIPPING codes.
  • Printable Coupons: It is exactly what it says, coupons that you can print and use in physical locations of your favorite stores. Money off, percentages off – go and check it out, and start saving! It clearly states what the coupon is, and when it will expire.
  • Grocery Coupons: It’s powered by CouponNetwork.com, so the coupons are legit. And plentiful!


If you don’t want to spend time on the tabs, just head to the search box and enter your favorite store names, or click on the categories drop down menu. If you join the site, you can submit coupons, be part of the community.

Oh, and yes, you guys out there with iPhones! You can download their app with location based coupons. Sweet. If you have an Android, you can download their app, but it won’t have the location based coupons at this time. But both have plenty of coupons to use! Check it out for yourself on the RetailMeNot.com site.

Enjoy your shopping!!!


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