SmileBrilliant! teeth whitening journey continues

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teeth whitening #smilebrilliant #sponsored

If you’ve been around here reading NovemberSunflower.com for a bit of time, you’ll know I started my teeth whitening journey earlier in the month of November. It’s been a pretty easy, and painless process so far. It’s a slow process, as it’s not going to be something that whitens teeth overnight. It’s a long process, and thankfully a simple one. I hate complicated, so SmileBrilliant! works perfectly for me.

I’ve been able to do two sessions. The difficult part is REMEMBERING to do it. I have chosen to schedule into my “to-do” lists from this point on, so that I can achieve my whiter teeth a bit faster. However, I don’t want to go too fast, because I don’t want to look like Ross from the “teeth whitening” episode of Friends. Did you watch the show? If not, basically Ross whitened his teeth and did it in one session. His teeth were so white, his sister tried to put make-up on him to detract from how bright white his teeth were. It didn’t work, and while on a date, when him and his lady friend went back to her apartment, she had a black light. Yup, his teeth glowed. It was beyond bizarre, and quite unnatural.

I’m going for a more natural approach! Plus, I can only do three hours at a time. It takes a bit of time, and patience, but it’s totally worth it. Here’s how it’s been progressing so far (excuse the plaque build up on my teeth, I’ll have to head to the dentist for a cleaning soon, I guess:)

SmileBrilliant! teeth whitening journey #sponsored #smilebrilliant

teeth whitening journey #smilebrilliant #sponsored

teeth whitening journey #smilebrilliant #sponsored

I know it’s super hard to tell in the photos, because the lighting is just terrible and I didn’t alter the images at all, but it’s working. I can see a difference in the natural light in my bathroom. However, the photos are taken after each session, and the sessions are done at night. You aren’t allowed to eat for at least a half an hour after the process, so I choose to do the sessions before bed. It’s been great for me to help me get into a habit of not eating after a certain hour in the evenings. I’m a night eater, because I go almost the entire day without eating. Terrible habit, which I’m now starting to work on changing AGAIN. Who would have thought teeth whitening could help with improving my evening eating habits?

Doing this at home is just a life saver for me, because I don’t have time to head to the dentist for every session, nor do I have the extra money to spend on the expensive treatments at the dentist’s office! SmileBrilliant! is my inexpensive beauty treatment, and I’m happy with the results so far.

SmileBrilliant is even being gracious enough to offer a 5% discount when you place your order using my affiliate link with SmileBrilliant! and use the code gerardi5 at check-out!

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