SmileBrilliant teeth whitening process started

Disclosure: SmileBrilliant! provided me with the teeth whitening kit. No monetary compensation has been provided. Please use my affiliate link to order the kit if you are interested. You’ll get a discount when you use the link, with my discount code. Head to the bottom of this post for the link, and code. Thanks for supporting NovemberSunflower.com!

I don’t smoke. I haven’t drank coffee in quite a few years. I never drink wine. However, my teeth are not even close to white. It’s frustrating. Toothpastes have only helped a little bit, and honestly, I would rather not constantly use teeth whitening toothpaste. I’d rather use cavity fighting ones! So what’s a girl to do? Well, a girl like me takes SmileBrilliant! up on their offer to provide me with teeth whitening I can do at home, but that is high quality (like what you get at the dentist office.)

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Beginning stages of my Teeth Whitening with SmileBrilliant!

I’ll be super duper honest, I got the kit and it sat for a bit of time. It’s not that I didn’t want to get started immediately, it was because I had this grand idea I would have time to record a video of me making my molds for my custom fitted teeth whitening trays. Yeah, it just didn’t happen. Forgive me. It’s the busiest time of the year for me, and I’m testing out tons of toys, products, and goodies for the holiday guide. Oh, and putting the holiday guide together, too. It’s high stress time, and a video would have been awesome, but it just wasn’t in the cards.

teeth whitening #smilebrilliant #sponsored

Instead, I just made my molds in the quiet of my own home, late at night, after I’d brushed and flossed for the night. I sat there, mushing the catalyst and base pastes together. Mashing the newly formed paste into the blue impression trays, and then making the imprints with my freshly cleaned and flossed teeth. First the top, then the bottom. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time to make the molds, and once they are created, they just have to sit for 30 minutes before I placed them in the envelope to send back to SmileBrilliant!.

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I filled out the card while I waited for the molds to dry, and then once everything was done, it all went into the envelope. In the morning, off the went into to the mailbox for the mail woman! Now, I wait. Impatiently. I can’t wait to start the process of actually whitening my teeth. I feel like I’ll be much happier with my smile when I see it in pictures IF my teeth are not so yellow!

Do you have the same issue with your smile? Do you smile, but without showing your teeth? Do you want to show your “pearly whites” instead of hiding them all the time?

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