Sofia the First & #Disney Fairies Rule JAKKS Pacific Spring Showcase

Right next to Despicable Me at the #TimetoPlay Spring Showcase there was a set of tables I knew would have thrilled my kids. My daughter is beyond addicted to Tinker Bell, as you probably know if you’re a regular reader of mine! My son, he’s in love with Sofia the First. JAKKS Pacific has amazing toys for Spring dedicated to both Tink and Sofia. If I had brought the kids to the showcase, this table would have been “the table” for them, which would have worked out well, since the Despicable Me table was right there next to it. We could have popped up a tent, and hung out all day there!

Now, there are other items that JAKKS Pacific showcased, of course. I’ll share those, too. Don’t worry! Let’s dig in, there’s a lot to be shown off.

Number one with a bullet? I’ll have to go with Sofia the First items for this one. She’s totally hot right now, she’s the newest little princess on the block (even though Merida from Brave was just coronated on May 11th at Disney World, Sofia’s the youngster’s Princess, if you will.) If you thought Doc McStuffins was popular for the holidays, it’s nothing compared to this Purple frosted cutie pie. PS-So glad she’s got purple for everything, makes me happy it isn’t PINK!

There’s a Sofia the First Transforming Dress that changes from the official dress Sofia wears, into a cute tutu dress with the pull of a skirt! Two dresses for the price of one, right? The $19.99 price tag is totally worth it. The quality is impeccable, the dresses are so cute. Now, the dress isn’t enough to complete the whole Sofia the First experience. You’ll also need the Sofia the First Royal Tiara, it’ll run you $6.99, it has sparkly purple gems, and comes with a free collectible magic lesson card you can use with yet another fabulous toy, a Talking Magical Amulet.

In the Disney show my son watches, Sofia was given an Amulet by her stepfather. It allows her to talk to animals, and the toy they have created based on this Amulet, is adorable. It features the voice of Sofia, and it gives princess lessons about kindness, sharing, manners and more. The $14.99 price tag gets you the Amulet, along with 12 collectible cards in a carrying case. Every card has a different lesson, with Sofia teaching your child every step of the way.

If the kids are not old enough for all of these toys, try the Sofia the First Soft Doll for $9.99. It also comes with a free magic lesson card to use with the Talking Magical Amulet. It’s cute for all ages, but if you’ve got a little one at home who loves the show, but isn’t able to enjoy the dress, or work that Amulet…..shoot for the doll! You can never go wrong with a doll!

Sophia the 1st Toys

Now, for my second most loved toy on this display! Disney Fairies products. Tinker Bell gets to go on a tropical vacation with the Palm Tree Cove playsets. Must be nice……

The dolls for this collection are 4.5″ tall, and are the Fairies Tropical at Target. Each doll is $5.99, and can be used on the Tink’s Tiki Treat Stand playset, along with the Tink’s Pixie Paradise Pool Playset. Tink’s Tiki Treat Stand come with a working toucan blender, and will cost about $16.99. However, the Tink’s Pixie Paradise Pool playset you can fill with water, and has a twirling slide, a frog that changes color, and a spinning starfish wheel, and of course, a leafy lounge chair. It’ll cost a bit more, about $19.99.

There’s also a Rosetta’s Beach Buggy for $16.99, and it comes with a turtle for Rosetta’s sidecar, to keep her company!

It’s a Tinker Bell overload!!!!!

Disney Fairies Beach Playset

Music rules my third favorite item JAKKS Pacific has coming out. It’s the EZ PRO DJ. It’s the easy way to mix, sample, loop, add beats and effects! There’s a catch, though…..you have to have an iOS smart device to download the app to go with the toy. The toy is $49.99, the app is no charge. If you really want to get wild, you can get the microphone for $19.99, too! Just connect it to the mixer, and make your voice sound freaky with all the different effects. I’m pretty sure kids who love music, like min, will go nutty over this toy!

EZ Pro Mixer

This one’s for all the superhero lovers! My fourth pick is the 31″ Collectible Action Figures. Seven points of articulation, plus really detailed features. There’s MegaForce Red Power Rangers, Giant Darth Vadar, plus a deluxe edition Darth Vadar that come swith a lightsaber with lights and sounds, Man of Steel, and Batman from The Dark Knight Trilogy. All will run you $29.99, and are going to be hugely popular with “big boys,” I’m sure of it!

31 Inch Action figureFinally, we’re getting back to the little ladies. It’s all about Princesses with pick number five! There’s nothing more Disney than Princesses. The Tollytots’ My First Disney Princess Deluxe Baby, which will range from $14.99 to $16.99, has the beautiful gowns, plus a royal baby bottle for each doll. Tollytots also has the Ballerina Princess collection for $19.99, which features all the princesses as little ballerinas in tutus, and movable arms, and legs. CAH-YUTE!

Disney Tollytots Princesses

No I haven’t had the luxury of reviewing the selection of goodies in this post, but I hope to, and when I do, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on quality, and if they’re worth the prices! Keep your fingers crossed someone lets me give away some goodies, too!


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