Spending the Summer with Crayola

Crayola Summer Toys

Crayola’s been a part of my life since I was a baby. If coloring was happening in our house, it was being done with Crayola crayons. Especially the big carton, with the sharpener on the back. Opening up a box of crayons, a brand new box of crayons, was the ultimate heaven. NOW? Crayola is so much more than crayons. However, no matter what they come up with at Crayola, there’s always bold colors involved!

In February of this year, Crayola came out with a few new products for Spring and Summer. They’ve been on store shelves since February, and all of them are perfect for this warm weather that’s decided to take up shop on the East Coast. Plus, it’s all super budget-friendly for those of us who are feeling the crunch in our budgets this year. Unexpected home repairs did our family in this year, but we’re always able to stay on top of it, and still get some fun jammed into our Summer!!!!

Let’s see what Crayola’s offering up for us budget-savvy families with kids, or if you’re an adult, and want to have fun, there’s no shame in enjoying most of these items in our child-free house!

Gorgeous summer days when you want to be outside:

  • Washable Sidewalk Chalk: It’s washable. Listen, I thought all sidewalk chalk was washable..so I’m not super impressed with this part of the chalk. What I’m impressed with is that it has 48 colors that have names like “granny smith apple” and “sepia.” The chalks are available in 12, 16, 24 and 48 counts. They range in price from $1.99 to $4.99. ALL amazingly inexpensive prices, and I’d shoot for the 48 pack, because you’ll get the complete set all-in-one box!
  • Glitter Sidewalk Chalk: It’s $2.99, it’s got GLITTER, and comes in 6 colors. There’s no other words to convince you to get this. If you’ve got a girl at home, or a boy like mine that appreciates some good glitter action, RUN to get these. The way the glitter hits the sunshine…..it’s rather cool.
  • Multicolor Washable Sidewalk Chalk: Again, washable is not impressing me here, but the $2.99 price tag, and the fact that it’s got four bright colors in one chalk stick, is cool. The pack comes with 5 multicolor sticks. Awesome. I remember trying to hold a bunch of pieces of chalk together to make the same effect, and it never worked. Always lost a piece somewhere in the creating process!
  • Glitter & Multicolor Combo Pack: Get five multicolor sticks of chalk, and five sidewalk glitters in one pack. It’ll cost you $4.99. This won’t work in our house, because this one leaves out the orange glitter color. My daughter wasn’t into that. It’s all good, though. I mean, the packs are super inexpensive for Crayola quality.
  • Outdoor Colored Bubbles Big Wand: Big wands, big bubbles, and they are bright colors: purple pizzazz and fuschia. They leave temporary colorful marks on skin, clothing and outdoor surfaces. It rubs off the skin, and the clothes can be cleaned, and so can the outdoor surfaces. Outdoor surfaces just need some water to clear it out. It’s a little more money for a 6.5 oz. bottle with the wand, at $4.99. You can also get both colors in one two-pack, for $7.99. The kids think it’s cool, but I won’t let them get it on their clothing. They run from the bubbles, which works well. At least for us. Perhaps during bathing suit time, they can do this and let them pop on their suits?

Summer days where there’s a little rain, or on a road trip for entertainment:

  • Color Wonder Mess-Free Coloring Pad with Disney Fairies: Color Wonder GLITTER paper. It’s sparkly! It’s got 12 pages of Fairies Mess-Free Color Wonder paper, and 6 of those pages are Glitter pages. It’s $4.99.
  • Color Wonder Mess-Free Coloring Pad and Markers, Disney Princesses: It’s the same principal, only this one has princesses, and comes with 5 color wonder markers. It’s also $9.99.

I’m a huge fan of most of what Crayola puts out there. Especially the simpler things, like chalk, and bubbles, and coloring pads. I know it’s quality, it’s non-toxic, and the kids always have fun with the stuff. The price tags on these things are super low, for such a high quality brand. Seriously, big fan.

And NO, none of these items were given to me. I’m just sharing things I fell in love with at the Time to Play showcase in NYC, and what our little family most enjoyed finding on the shelves of our local stores!

Crayola Summer Fun

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