Spin Master Spy Gear will be trouble for Little Miss

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Oh boy. Do you ever get your son a toy, then realize AFTER you’ve given the toy to your son, how the toy will not be a good thing for your daughter? Yeah, we’ve got a little of that happening now at our house. The Boy is very into spy stuff. Well, both kids love to play “secret spies” all the time. They go around the house, crawling along the floor like army men, and try to find out secret stuff. Basically, they try to listen in on conversations they shouldn’t be privy to. You know, like ALL CHILDREN. However, these two are very into it, and my husband and I are constantly checking everywhere before we have conversations! Both have been bitten by the spy bug, so Spin Master Spy Gear is a huge deal for these two.

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Spin Master Spy Gear

Enter Spy Gear – Night Goggles. The Boy fell in love the moment he saw the box enter our home. I probably should have thought twice before I chose to allow Spin Master to send me this little piece of spy gear. It was just so cute, I couldn’t resist. I mean, look at him in them!!!!

spin master spy gear #holidayguide #toyreview #sponsoredOur nights are going to be interesting from now on. The Boy will be able to walk around in the dark, and see everything. Plus, it’ll be magnetized. I can already hear Little Miss squealing “STOP IT. GET OUT.” Lots of doors slamming, and The Boy laughing hysterically. Our saving grace? He’ll never remember to turn the blue light off on the glasses. It’ll help us see him coming around for miles!

If he gets out of control, I’ll just remove the three “Triple A” batteries required for the lights to work, but he’ll still be able to check out all of us in the dark….. dang it, what the heck was I thinking giving him this kind of power?!!! Spin Master is going to be the death of me with these night vision goggles. It’s just that The Boy is having so much fun with them, I can’t be mad! It’s hours of fun for $15.00 – it’s kind of worth it in the long run!

What should I get Little Miss, so she can survive the goggles? Oh, I got it!

spin master spy gear #toyreview #holidayguide #sponsored


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