Sports Illustrated isn’t just for the adults anymore

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Sports Illustrated Kids

As my kids get older, they are starting to show interest in various sports. Little Miss is a fan of tennis, which couldn’t make me happier. The Boy, he seems to like tennis, too. However, he might be more of a hockey, or baseball kid. He’s more “team” and she’s more “on my own.” It’s also great to see her doing so well with Jiu Jitsu, we all hope The Boy starts to show an interest in it, as well.

With all of this sports related talk, plus Little Miss has been doing great with learning how to read more, and more, each day, we’re starting to see the allure of magazines that hold their interests. The Boy loves to flip through my magazines, looking at the pictures and pointing out letters, and small words, that he knows. I figure, they love sports, they are loving the whole reading thing……why not combine the two passions and get them into Sports Illustrated Kids!

SI Kids is not just your average magazine for kids. It’s actually won awards! It’s has won the highest honors from Association of Educational Publishers and the Parents’ Choice Award. Each year they also have a SportsKid of the Year, and for the first time ever, they are doing a SportsParent of the Year! How cool is that? I can totally get into being a SportsParent of the Year.

I’m seriously considering getting the kids a subscription. It would be a great little stocking stuffer, right? It’s $19.95 for the year. You can even get it on your tablet. Magazine, AND the tablet. Although, I’m not sure how’d I do that for the “stocking stuffer.” In any event, at least I have the option! So, I’m seriously considering placing an ORDER for Sports Illustrated Kids.

If I haven’t convinced you, I would like to suggest heading over to their website, www.sikids.com, to learn more. And if you’re like me and on Facebook all the time, like Si Kids on Facebook.

Sports Illustrated Website

*I will receive a stocking of my own as a thank you for sharing this information with you! How exciting. Love it.


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