Walmart’s Stock Up and Save event for spring

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Walmart’s Stock Up and Save event for Spring seems so out of place right now. Spring isn’t quite here yet, even if the calendar says differently. However, it still kind of feels like winter doesn’t want to go away! It’s causing a serious glitch in my brain. I want to spring clean the entire house, but how can I? It’s not feeling like spring yet. However, I can stock up and save over at Walmart!

Walmart Stock Up and Save event for Spring

Walmart’s Stock Up & Save event for spring

Walmart Stock Up & Save Tide

It was warm a few times, and we tackled a couple of rooms for spring cleaning. Well, the kids did, to be honest. I kind of supervised. However, the cold temperatures have returned, and even though I’ve gotten my Tide from Walmart, so I can clean everything for the big “clothing” switchover, I can’t even do anything! We still need the winter clothes folded up in our drawers, and hanging in our closets. What the heck, man? Let’s go SPRING, I’ve got a schedule to keep up with!

Walmart Stock Up Save Head & Shoulders

Spring on hold, bathroom stock up

Since spring cleaning is now on hold, I stocked up on some goodies for our bathroom. With the winter weather still here, the kids still need work on their scalps. The only thing that works for their dry scalps is, believe it or not, Head & Shoulders. The best one we’ve found that helps the most? It’s the one with almond oil in it. Shampoo and conditioner. I don’t let them use it every day, but once or twice a week, I have them use both products to help with their dry scalps. It gets so dry in their classrooms at school, and they spend a lot of time outdoors, which doesn’t help the dryness in their skin and scalp. We have to do what we have to do, and Head & Shoulders shampoo, as well as Head & Shoulders conditioner, help!

Walmart Stock Up Save Gillette Venus

As for me, warmer weather means having to shave a bit more often. My legs, people. I stay rather groomed all year round, don’t get me wrong. It’s just, when I can wear jeans, or pants, each day, it allows me a bit of a break. I go a couple of days without tending to my legs, and it helps avoid irritating the skin. However, when the warmer weather decides to show up, I’m ready with my gillette Venus Spa. It lathers for lush smoothness. It’s got shave gel bars, so no need to go out and get shave gel in a can. Heck yeah, talk about a time saver and a money saver. Plus, it keeps my legs feeling smooth, silky and soft.

Don’t forget about Ibotta, too

Personally, I prefer to head to Walmart to pick things like this up, and then use Ibotta to save even more money. However, you can also shop on Walmart’s Stock Up Save website! Starting on April 11th, everyone can check out the extra savings at Walmart, on Ibotta, and there’s the April Stock Up & Save Event on Facebook. Make sure you’re liking Walmart’s FB page, so you’ll be aware of when the links are live for the Stock Up & Save Event!

Serious shoppers, who like to save serious cash, definitely need to stock up and save for spring over at Walmart, or at www.stockupsave.com. If you’ve got kids in diapers, definitely check out the savings on Pampers! What are you waiting for???!!!!

Just make sure you’re following on Walmart on Twitter, as well as Walmart on Instagram.


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