Sweet gift making inspiration from Paul Lowe

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Here at November Sunflower, I struggle with cooking. I’m not good at it, and I certainly can’t just make things on the fly. Mama Sunflower needs a recipe to screw up follow. Even then, there’s always something that goes wrong: I burn myself, something causes the smoke alarm to go off, and just about anything else that could go wrong, goes wrong, MULTIPLE TIMES. Luckily, not all human beings are as terrible as I am with cooking, and recipes. Blurb gets that I’m a writer, and that other people are great at photography, and some are amazing at creating recipes. We’re all “makers” of some kind, and Blurb wants to celebrate that!

This fall, Blurb is highlighting makers all over the world. One of those people is Paul Lowe, creator of Sweet Paul magazine. Sweet Paul magazine features spectacular food photography, scrumptious recipes, and inspired crafts. In Blurb’s interview with Paul, he discusses his childhood in Norway and provides a delicious recipe. You’ll love Paul’s stories of gnomes, trees (and tree-related disasters), food, family, and memories. At the end of the interview, Blurb features great gift books reminiscent of Sweet Paul. Read the interview here.

Have you been aching to “make” your own book? Write it, publish it and most importantly, SELL IT????? I’m always working on book ideas. I’ve self published an EBOOK, but now that I’ve found Blurb, I’m kind of toying with the idea of self publishing an actual, physical, hold in your hands and turn the pages, real book. Who knows, perhaps Blurb will celebrate me as the next maker? You never know, right? It could happen! I won’t be able to take Blurb up on their awesome deal for this year, because the book still has to be written, but perhaps I’ll be able to score a deal next year and hand my book out as holiday gifts NEXT year! It might not be sweet gift making, but it’s still gift making, right?!!!

Now if I can just focus on ONE topic for a book, I’ll be in business……..

Are you ready to start publishing your own book? Save 20% on photo books with code OCT20%, which is great news if you’re planning to make a holiday gift. This deal ends October 31st. Which is tomorrow, so get on this TODAY!

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