Take care of your chompers with #CrestProHealth

Disclosure: Smiley360 sent #CrestProHealth in order to facilitate this review. They know all of my readers might want to have options to take care of your chompers! All opinions are my own, as always!

It’s always been drilled into me “take care of your chompers. Your teeth are important. Especially since you love to eat.” Yup, that’s right. It’s hard to enjoy a nice meal if you’ve got no teeth. Keeping that in my mind, it’s no wonder I make sure to take care of my chompers, for sure. I try new products often, and when I hit ones I enjoy, I love to share them. Now’s no different! I’m kind of digging #CrestProHealth products. Are you familiar with Crest Pro-Health products? You should get to know them……

take care of your chompers #crestprohealth #sponsored

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Take care of your chompers with #CrestProHealth

Here’s what I hate when it comes to toothpaste and mouthwashes:

  1. Aftertaste. There’s nothing worse than a gross aftertaste when you’ve just cleaned your teeth. Personally, I want my mouth to feel clean, and fresh. Crest Pro-Health Whitening doesn’t have this issue, nor does the Tartar Protection mouthwash. SCORE.
  2. Burning. When I’m swishing the mouthwash around in my mouth, and it feels like it’s going to just burn right through my cheek… that’s a no for me. Surprisingly, the Tartar Protection mouthwash from Crest didn’t have that burning feeling. It just felt clean.
  3. Whiteners that don’t whiten. Raise your hand if you’ve bought products that claim to help whiten your teeth, and you use them for months, and there’s no difference in your teeth. Yeah, me too. I’m not saying the Crest Pro-Health Whitening toothpaste totally got them white as white can be, but they are significantly more white. I don’t smoke, or drink coffee on the regular. They weren’t crazy yellow, but they are old teeth. I’m not in my twenties anymore, and they go through a lot of eating….. no comments from the peanut gallery on my eating a lot. I’m happy this whitening product is working, but slowly.

Honestly, I won’t know if the cavity fighting and tartar fighting aspects of the toothpaste work until I go visit the dentist. As far as the budget is looking, that might be next year?

I’m going to give the Crest Pro-Health products a thumbs up. Let’s hope the dentist does when I finally go get the chompers checked!

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