Time Warp: Flipping Through Old Yearbooks with Shutterfly.com

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Shutterfly.com YearbooksI’ve got all my yearbooks. Every last one of them. In elementary school, when we were in 5th Grade, we got yearbooks. It was super cheesy.

  • all black and white
  • made out of paper
  • heavier stock for the outside cover

Heck, my daughter’s Pre-Kindergarten class had a nicer yearbook being offered, than what I got for 5th Grade. However, I love my 5th Grade yearbook. After moving to Middle School, my Mom let me get our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade yearbooks. After that, I waited until I was a senior in high school, before I got my final yearbook. I look through them quite often, with my kids, to show them what Mommy looked like, and the activities I participated in. It’s fun.

That 5th grade year book, though

However, I always go back to that 5th Grade yearbook and wish they’d have gotten a nicer one for us. You spend the most years of your “school-age” life in elementary school. I feel it should have incorporated more of our “journey” rather than just our “final year” in elementary school. If I could get my hands on all the pictures, and images, from elementary school, I’d make a kick-butt photo yearbook.

I make photo books for the kids all the time. Rather, OF the kids, because they truly are MY memories. I am currently working on the one for this year, to have an overall “story” of the year. It takes me a long time, because I’m a big picture taker, and I love all the pictures so much, it’s hard to narrow it down for the photo books!

I make all our yearly photo books on Shutterfly.com. It’s my favorite site to make these books. One, the quality of my books, are amazing. I’ve made so many books through the years, including a wedding one of images friends, and family took, at our wedding. A honeymoon one, because who doesn’t love Lake George, New York honeymoons???!!! The first year of the lives of each of my children, with the pictures I took of them every month on their monthly birthdays, and so many more. They just keep improving the designs, the ease of use, and the quality – how can I  not keep going back for more?

OH how I wish I could get my  hands on those images from my elementary school years…..having a yearbook, done with Shutterfly – SO DARN COOL.

Who else checks out their old yearbooks? Do you share them with your kids?


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