Deal FINDING Sites to check out before starting your online shopping

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Want a good deal, a great price or a huge discount on something? There’s only a few places that will help you find the best deal you can get online for the product your heart desires. I’ve five favorite deal finding sites I head to each time I need to check out the prices on something I want to purchase (plus an extra just because it’s my blog and I can share whatever I want.) Keep reading to learn more.

deal finding sites for online shopping adventures

Deal FINDING Sites to check out before starting your online shopping


It says it all in the name, right? Deal finding sites don’t get much better than this one! You can find printable coupons for brick and mortar stores (those are physical locations if you’re not familiar with the terminology), compare prices for things you want to buy, look at Sunday Ads for any store you can imagine from department stores, to grocery stores to restaurants.  Plus, you can hit up the Forums, find coupons and deals by what’s popular, what’s new, what’s expiring soon, by stores, by deal alerts and you can submit a coupon that you’ve found, so everyone can check it out. They even have a little section dedicated to Black Friday.

Definitely check it out and BOOKMARK it! You can also put your zip code in and find deals in your LOCAL area, or one of the other areas they offer the service in – just in case you’re traveling and want to find a great deal on dinner, or whatever. Great website, one of my favorites. Super easy to navigate, too.


Great website to plunk in a product you want to purchase and ask it to search for all the best deals for that product. You can shop by department, or just do the search, perhaps a brand or just by hot deals that are happening. You can get emails for weekly specials by signing up for the SuperDeal Newsletter.

Coupons are available AND they have a apps for Android, iPad and iPhone. If you really want to, you can actually open a STORE with them. If you want to sell products online, but don’t have a website, not a problem. Start a PriceGrabber Storefront and people can place their order within the PriceGrabber web site. SO COOL.

Brad’s Deals

I love how this site highlight’s today’s hot deals in ORANGE. They put the hot deal up, plus a little background info on the actual company offering the hot deals. They have a great Brad’s Handpicked Deals spot, which lists handpicked deals that are popular, or new. Of course, there’s a place for coupons that are strictly online and then there are the printable ones to take to physical stores. You can sign up for the newsletter, or subscribe to get alerts from the site.

I think my absolute favorite part is the Coupon Search where you can find printable coupons and online coupons from your favorite stores by typing in your favorite store and hitting search. Very handy! Scroll all the way to the bottom of the website and check out the other sites he loves! If you’re a fellow blogger, or website, create a widget and place it on your website or blog. Great site, check it out!


I LOVE how you can search for deals just by popping in an item you want to find a deal on. Plus, you can also find coupons. Seriously. Add giveaways and freebies to the mix. Great site, VISIT IT!!!!


Find coupons and a deal finding sites community at JoeShopping.com. Comparison shopping is a MUST in this day and age, they get that. Plus, you can earn points and badges as you go, do product reviews and find hot deals. It’s really about the community, inviting friends to join the site and save just like you! His community allows you to earn points, so if you refer friends, you can earn 10 points per friend and then trade them in. The points, not the friends. Great concept and you know how I love earning POINTS!

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