Top Holiday Toys from TTPM Showcase

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Every year I attend the Holiday Showcase TTPM hosts in New York City. It’s the best place to see, and play, with all of the amazing toys that the top toy brands have in their holiday arsenal! They want to sell toys to parents, and they love showing them to all of us in the press! Why? Well, we love to share the toys we would want for ourselves, and our readers…. no, I mean for our kids, and the children of our readers. Yeah, that’s what I meant! Without further ado, here’s my picks for the top holiday toys from TTPM showcase for 2014.

Top Holiday Toys from TTPM Showcase

It’s amazing how new toys are always being created for kids. It’s insane that even after all the toys that have been invented over the years, there’s still toys that a fresh, and new, and still more that will be invented in years to come. Boggles the mind. What boggles the mind even more? How the old school toys from years ago are making a comeback. TTPM brought together a great mix of the old, but updated; and the fresh new ideas! Let’s get into them right now!

Pets (no veterinarian needed)

Little Live Pets

It’s the perfect pet: no cleaning up after it, no feeding it! Plus, unlike a real bird, you can turn this one off so it stays QUIET in the cage. I wish I could get that kind of button for the kids….KIDDING!!!!


top holiday toys #ttpm #littlelivepets

Fur Real Friends Pom Pom My Baby Panda Pet Plush

I’m a Panda lover. Finding a plush panda that walks around the house is kind of a big deal, for me. I’m in, are you?


Hasbro has my favorite #panda toy from FurReal Friends. #ttpm

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What’s old is new again


Pound Puppies

As a kid, I had Pound Puppies. I still have them. The kids have benefited from my mom’s pack rat persona. Now? I can get them an updated and fresh new set of Pound Puppies! There’s three available right now, but more will come! These puppies are smaller than the originals, which means they’ll take up less space on your daughter’s bed. Plus, when your son wants to bring it everywhere, it’ll take up less space in your bag of tricks, A.K.A. your pocket book.

top holiday toys #poundpuppies #ttpm


I still have my original CareBear from when I was child. I’ve even got a new one. The blue GRUMPY bear. I would be insulted, but since my favorite color is blue, I’m good with the Grumpy. No one can resist the CareBear – those little emblems on their bellies are hypnotic. Like that bulls eye on the Target store signs….. just draws you into it.



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Lite Brite Magic Screen

My sister and I had LiteBrite when we were younger. It had those annoying sheets, that once you poked a peg through it, it was useless. I love the updated version of this toy. NO ANNOYING PAPER SHEETS! The kids will FLIP OUT over this update on the old classic game. Might just get one for my sister, too, for old time’s sake!

top holiday toys #ttpm #litebrite

Simon Swipe Game

Again, my mom has our original Simon game from “back in the day.” The kids played it before the updated version came out, and now they’re hooked on Simon Swipe. It’s fun, and much more challenging than the original Simon. However, the fact that they used the old one for so long, I believe is what helped them master the updated Swipe version! I’m hoping it helps with my son’s memory!!!! I know, it’s a long shot, but hey, I’m desperate.

top holiday toys #ttpm #simonswipePIXAR Re-booted

Wall E

Wall-E is one of my all-time favorite Pixar movies. It’s the sweetest movie, and who doesn’t fall in love with this little robot by the end of the movie? Thinkway Toys are KNOWN for bringing the movies into your real life. It doesn’t get any more real than this Wall-E.

top holiday toys #ttpm #walle




If you have a girl at your house, this one’s a no brainer. Trust me. Girls will spend HOURS making these bracelets! Once her friends see them, they’ll want them, too. It’ll be the perfect birthday party gift idea for this year!

top holiday toys #ttpm #charmazing


Kids get to create really cute designs, and then use water to “glue” them together. The only thing that might get annoying is waiting for the water to dry. It will be a test for everyone’s patience! Even if parents get the deluxe set that has the dryer with it. It’s like going to the ladies room, and finding those hand blowers to dry your hands instead of paper towels. You know you’ll end up wiping your wet hands on your jeans! However, the process is fun, so my kids are okay with waiting for the water to dry.

top holiday toys #ttpm #beados

Its So me Paracord Bracelets

Paracord bracelets are very popular right now. Last year was Rainbow Loom, this year is the Paracord. It’s an impressive kit, and the colors kids can use to make the bracelets are bright, and vivid. Total win!

top holiday toys #ttpm #paracordloom

Play Doh Vinci Style and Store Vanity Complete Design Kit

How many times has your child created something with Play-doh, then turned to you and asked “Can we save it?” It makes me nuts. NO you can’t save it, it’s Play-doh! Squash it down, and get it back in the little cup it came in. Now kids can decorate all kinds of goodies, and wait overnight for it to harden and not have to jam it back into a plastic cup!

top holiday toys #ttpm #dohvinci


Elektrokidz 6 Dancing Trolls

Did you have the flower that danced to music when you were growing up? My mom still has the one from when we were kids. It’s at her house somewhere. These trolls are just an advanced version of the dancing flower, and they are the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time!

top holiday toys #elektrokidz #ttpm


Water Speakers

Speakers filled with water, and that light up, all to the beat of the music. I’m never going to get anything done again.

top holiday toys #ttpm #crazylightsspeakers

You didn’t think we’d have a list that didn’t include Frozen, did you?


My First Disney Princess Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll

It’s Elsa and Olaf. It doesn’t matter what this doll does, it’s ELSA AND OLAF from FROZEN. It’s all you need to know. Just buy it.

top holiday toys #ttpm #elsa #frozen
Disney Frozen Large Jumbo Plush Olaf Snowman 30″ Stuffed Toy

Since I’ve got a boy who loves the famous movie, the stuffed Olaf is a perfect item for the holidays for him. He’s not going to run around with an Elsa doll, but he’ll snuggle with a stuffed Olaf!

top holiday toys #ttpm #olaf

The holidays are going to be packed with amazing toys to put under the tree, or to fill all the days of Hanukkah. Luckily, I’ve got two birthdays to handle in November, so a lot of the items will still be on the shelves when I shop this month! Do not wait too long to find these toys for the holidays, it’ll be a war zone the closer it gets to Black Friday. However, don’t go too nuts. I’ve got an AMAZING holiday guide you’ll want to check out! It’s going to go live right before Black Friday to make shopping a little easier! You won’t even have to leave the house to shop, it’ll have links to where to find the items! It’ll be my best guide yet.

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