Top Toy Picks for Summer 2014

It’s always a good time when I get to go play with lots of toys in New York City. TTPM always puts on an amazing showcase of all the hottest toys coming out, or that have come out recently. Yes, the Toy Fair in NYC is amazing, however I’ve had to miss it the last two years thanks to being snowed out back in 2013, and because I was out in California in 2014. It is what it is, and I much prefer the more intimate feeling TTPM has at it’s gatherings. It’s how I get my top toy picks for summer and for the holidays every year. So let’s dig in, and see what I think are just the “dog’s pajamas” for this summer season!

Top Toy Picks for Summer 2014


top toy picks #crashlings #wickedcooltoysWicked Cool toys has come out with these odd little things…..I don’t know why I love them so much, or why kids are drawn to them, but it probably has something to do with the fact that they are a collector thing. Everyone loves collecting something, right? First it was baseball cards as a kid, maybe those crazy Beanie Babies from a few years ago, and now Crashlings. There’s something about having 150 to collect that makes a kid go “COOL, I have to get them all.” Or maybe it’s just because there’s a popping meteor that kids can play with. Whatever it is, at the $9.99 price point, I’m happy to grab a ten pack for the kids. There’s Monster ones, Sea Life ones and Aliens, of course.

There’s even a Catapult City playset for kids to enjoy. Who doesn’t love driving parents nuts with flying aliens, monsters, and sea lift? Whatever gets you through the summer, kids, whatever gets you through the summer. Plus, it keeps the kids off the computer, off the iPad, and away from the television for a little bit, so bring it on Crashlings. Inexpensive fun!

Crayola Grab ‘N Go

top toy picks #summer #crayolaLeave it to Crayola to take sidewalk chalk to a whole new world. Crayola has come out with a whole line of Grab ‘N Go sidewalk chalk games. There’s Foot Hockey, Obstacle Course, Bean Bag Toss, and Chip Shot Golf. Each kit is $4.99, which is an awesome price for a kit that comes with chalk, and all the goodies needed for foot hockey, obstacle course, bean bag toss and chip shot golf. I’ll be getting one of each, and if my kid had a summer birthday these would be the party favor I’d give out to every kid that came to the birthday party. Perfect price, and hours of creative play. Crayola gets it right so often, it should be illegal.


top toy picks #elektrokidz #wowweeAs soon as I saw these little things rocking out to music, I immediately said “I  must have these in my home.” I want one for each room of my house. When I was younger, my mom had this little plant that would rock out to music. It was mechanical, and so silly, and she still has it. The advancements in technology amaze me every day, no joke. These Elektrokidz™ from WowWee® are beyond adorable.

The little rascals are just 6 inches, but each one feels the beat of music with their head and this hair that reminds me of those troll dolls! Of course, again, it’s about collecting things. There’s six of these 6-inch figurines. They run on batteries, so no need to plug anything in. All they need is music. The only place you’ll find them is at Toys “R” Us, and they won’t be out until July.

Unfortunately I don’t have a price on these……

Razor Power Rider 360

Top Toy Picks #razorYou can do 360 degree spins. Enough said! It’s just going to run you close to $170.00 for this one.


  • Kinetic Sand: You might have seen this at Brookstone or Michaels. It’s sand, but it doesn’t make a huge mess. Right now it’s just sand color, but soon they’ll be coming out with neon colors like pink, orange and more, to make the sand experience even more fun. It’ll be sold in 6 oz. hour glass containers for $6.99. PLUS, there’s also a whole Sand Beach Box set coming out for $19.99. Here’s why I love it: it doesn’t make a mess in the house, it’s also gluten free, it can be molded, pulled and shaped. It’s sand, but it sticks together. Totally love it. You can even buy a “sand box” for it. I wish beaches were made of this stuff, I’d never have to worry about sand in places sand should never be….. plus, the plain sand colored box of sand is just $14.99. Awesome!

top toy picks #kineticsand #spinmaster

  • Paw Patrol: It’s one of the newest shows out on Nickelodeon, and it’s become so popular it’s taking over the toy world this summer. Each animal has a different job on the show, like a police dog, or a fire dog. They’re cute, they teach kids lovely lessons, and kids eat it up. Of course toys would be out in no time! SpinMaster has a whole line of items coming out, and some that are already out! Get ready…..as you walk the toy aisles you’ll be asked by your kids for most of the SpinMaster toys. I mean, they even came out with plush dolls that have ears so soft…..I WANT ONE! Pricing has a big range from as low as $6.99 all the way up to $39.99. Totally within a budget-minded parent’s summer fun spending dollars!

top toy picks #spinmaster #pawpatrol #nickelodeon JAKKS Pacific

JAKKS Pacific always churns out high quality goodies for kids. They always have amazing Disney themed products, and this year is no exception to that rule. They’ve got what kids will want, and they’re hitting up a more mature audience with their collector’s items!

  • Frozen: Everyone’s tired of the song Let it Go, but these kids just want everything having to do with Disney’s Frozen. Leave it to JAKKS Pacific to make sure the kids out there had Elsa and Anna dresses to play dress-up in! There’s the Enchanting Anna Dress and the Enchanting Elsa Dress. As always, the dresses are high quality and will run us adults about $19.99 per dress. I just love having no buttons or zippers to deal with, they can just slip them on and off. Gives me peace and quiet!

top toy picks #disney #frozen #maleficent

  • Maleficent: Disney’s Maleficent is due to hit theatres at the end of May. What did JAKKS Pacific come up with for the big summer movie starring Angelina Jolie? Fashion dolls! There’s the regular humdrum Fashion Doll ones that’ll run you $19.99, and then there’s the Collector Fashion Dolls that’ll be $39.99. It’s not just Maleficent, but Aurora, too. Both sets of dolls have amazing details, and Aurora’s dress is really beautiful, and I don’t even like gold stuff!

top toy picks #disney #maleficent top toy picks #aurora #disney


top toy picks #leapfrog #healthI’m a little apprehensive about this one, only because I’ve always had so many problems with glitching and LeapFrog products. HOWEVER, I’m willing to give this one the benefit of the doubt. It’s going to be out more towards August of this year, and it’ll have a band that snaps on like a watch, and it’ll be available in pink, blue and green. What is it? It’s LeapFrog’s version of a fitbit for kids. It’s a fitness and activity tracker for kids. Parents can monitor their kids’ levels of fitness and activity, the kids get to do healthy things so they can open up new applications on their tracker. Basically, there’s animals to choose from, and kids get to open up new ones to take care of and play with on the little “watch.” Kids have to work for what they get, and I’m sure every youngster out there will love having this!

When school starts, it can still be worn on your child’s wrist, but parents can shut the “fun activities” off, and just track their levels of activity and fitness. Totally love that feature! I’m just a little unsure of how clunky it might be on a kid’s wrist, but we’ll see what the final product results look like when it hits stores in late summer!

Bonus? It’ll be under $40.


top toy picks #hasbro #rebelleGrowing up, girls didn’t get to play with stuff like this. Well, we did, but it was always boy themed. Now, girls can get in on the action with girly colors. Sure, I hate the color pink, but it’s less annoying if I get to shoot at a target…..right?!!! I mean, look at my buddy Dusty from As Mom Sees It! Now, while posing for this shot, Miss Dusty shot one off at the ceiling. I don’t know if I’m going to be playing Nerf Rebelle Star Shot Targeting Set with her. She doesn’t play fair, LOL! However, for $19.99 my Little Miss might just end up with this for the summer, and she can share it with her Mommy!


top toy picks #nickelodeon #tmntI was a fan, and still am a fan, of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My son is a huge fan of the turtles, and if he could have every turtle product on the market, he would. If I could get him every turtle product on the market, I would. However, that’s not physically possible, or financially possible. He might get a few of these #TMNT items, though. He needs a helmet anyway, and the cute table and chairs patio set is made really well and only runs about $39.99. Personally, I’d love the #TMNT motorized ATV for kids. I’m too big for it, but whatever! It’s less than $60, it might be worth it for the summer with the helmet!

Mega Bloks

top toy picks #megabloks #kapow

Mega Bloks® KAPOW™ is not going to come out until the Fall of 2014, but it’s really cute, so I’m telling you about them now! They’re buildable robots that battle. Bash Vs. Nitro Showdown will cost $24.99 and include two fully buildable robot warriors, with Armour, helmets and a collectible lenticular collector card. Super cute, and the bright colors are awesome!


I’m a big fan of Mattel in general. It’s a brand I grew up with, and basically everyone who has ever owned a toy has had at least one made by Mattel. They are just “the brand” in the toy world that everyone knows. Hello, I think Barbie had something to do with that scenario, right? Right. Well, this season they’ve got two toys my son will be thrilled to receive.

top toy picks #mattel #planes #hotwheels

  • HOT WHEELS® RC STREET HAWK™ Remote Controlled Flying Car. It’s coming out in June, and it’s going to run buyers about $59.99, but MY GOSH this thing is all kinds of cool. The dang thing is not just a remote control car, but it also flies. YES, you read that right. It’s a remote control car that flies. How is that not the coolest thing on the planet? It’s also super lightweight, but durable. Why’s it so important it’s lightweight? Well, when you’ve got a lightweight flying toy, it means it’ll to some rather incredible aerial stunts! Plus, it’ll fly up to 150 in the air. It looks like a lot of our summer will be spent up at our local elementary school where there’s blacktop and a big field with NO TREES.
  • Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue Blastin’ Dusty Crophopper. Now I’m not super impressed with the high price tag of $49.99 for this one, especially for my son, but it’s really cute. Dusty gobbles up the water balls, and then shoots them at the fire targets. It’s got realistic sounds, plus phrases, so it’s really just adorable. It’s hitting stores in June, and I would imagine I’d like to get my hands on it for The Boy. However, if he had to choose, he’ll probably go with the car that flies form Hot Wheels…..just sayin’.

New Shopping App from TTPM

Here’s the best part that came out of the TTPM Toy Showcase on May 1st: a new shopping app that’s going to rock your world. When I shop, I like to find the best prices, right? Why should I pay full price for these toys, I’m no millionaire! I want more for my money! Well, the new app available in iTunes (also on Google Play but not with all of the bells and whistles YET) will blow you away….

  • Real time ONLINE price comparisons
  • Price drop notifications (making it PURE PLATINUM in my book)
  • Alerts for new products based on the characters your kids love, and the brands you love
  • Back-in-Stock alerts for sold-out items your kids are aching for (you know, all that Frozen crap your little ones are whining every day about)
  • Totally free to download (which is always a lovely bonus, right?)

Just an amazing summer full of toys this year, and the enhanced TTPM application that’ll make it much easier to find all the best toys for all the BEST LOW PRICES. Totally love it!

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