Watch Sands Alive! glow magically

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Attending events centered around toys is kind of one of the major perks of my career. I’m a big kid when it comes to toys, but when I’m home I don’t get to enjoy them with the kids. When I head to toy events, my my inner toy-playing child comes out to play. She enjoys the fun! Nothing makes me happier than to put my hands in sand, or in this case, Sands Alive!. It’s the coolest feeling stuff on the planet, and as an added bonus, it glows now. The ladies asked “do you want to watch Sands Alive! glow magically? I’d have followed them anywhere after hearing that question!

Watch Sands Alive! glow magically

Watch Sands Alive! glow magically

Once school starts, the kids have a ton of days off for Jewish Holidays, National Holidays, and of course, the winter breaks. Most of the days they have off are during rather cold weather. It’s also been snowing a lot more during the winters here on Long Island. All facts that do not excite me. Well, I do like when the kids are home, but not when we’re freezing cold, or homebound thanks to a snowstorm!

Finding things to do on the off days, well it’s rough. I won’t lie. There’s only so much coloring, crafting, and card games one family can play. We need something different, and something we can do without making a huge mess. Modeling clay doesn’t have any place INSIDE of our house, that’s only for outdoors. However, we’re big fans of Sands Alive! It feels like a big cloud, and to me, it’s a lot more sanitary than some other types of sand out there. Bacteria doesn’t grow in it, plus it won’t dry out.

The kids have a playset they totally love, and use often. Now? Well, Mommy’s got a new one for them! Little Miss and The Boy can play with Sands Alive! during the day, and at night, because we’ve got Sands Alive! Glow. It GLOWS in the dark. I kid you not. Look at it glow magically.

Wicked cool, right? It’s super easy to make it glow, too. We left it out all day, to absorb the sunshine, and it just started glowing at night. There’s special glasses to wear so it glows when you look at it. Plus, a kick-butt pen lets you draw on the sand so it glows. It’s easily the best sleepover activity for kids, as well as a a great “oh shoot, the electricity went out” kind of fun for the whole family to enjoy.

I’d love a whole beach made out of this stuff. It feels so cool to the touch, and now with the new glow version, how cool would it be on a little beach in the Bahamas? I’d totally go there with my glow in the dark swimsuit, adult beverage and of course, the kids.

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