Water toy for summer

Disclosure: The water toy for summer reviewed in this post was provided to me, and my kids, at no cost.

No monetary compensation was provided. All opinions about the Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow Water Blaster are mine, and that of my kids. It’s how we roll!

Target. It’s the store where you enter to purchase one thing, and you leave $150 later without the one thing you went into Target to purchase. Am I right? Bringing the kids just makes the shopping trip jump from $150, to $200+. It’s just the law of physics. Well, that’s what I tell myself to feel better about dropping tons of money at Target. Really, it’s that’s logo they have. It just hypnotizes you into spending money……especially down the toy aisle. Summer’s coming, so loading up on outdoor activities is only going to save your sanity. It’s sometimes worth the $200+ being spent on a water toy for summer, along with tons of other toys and bathing suits!

Water toy for summer

Little Miss scored with her Nerf Rebelle Super Soaker Dolphina Bow. However, she’s also loving the water blaster meant for her little brother. As the summer progresses, as soon as everyone else sees this bad boy, he’s going to have to share it with not just his sister, but also his older cousins, and his grandfather. If we keep it at home, he’ll be fighting with me and Mr. Sunflower to play with it. It’s pretty cool. It’s something I might have to run out and purchase another Tri Strike Crossbow, and with the $24.99 price tag, it’s really worth it. Fourth of July will be quite interesting with a couple of these bad boys around the yard!!!

water toy for summer #nerf #supersoaker #summertoyIt’s sturdy, and my favorite part is the option to either have one super strong stream coming out of it, or switch it up and have three streams shooting out of it. A girl loves to have options with her water blaster. The Boy? He loved the three streams. He almost got a couple of birds, because the rule was this: no shooting at people who didn’t have bathing suits on. Normally, this would have offered him a larger crowd. On the particular day he was playing, it was just him and his sister wearing bathing suits and she had her Nerf Rebelle Super Soaker Dolphina Bow to protect herself, and attack him with.

The Boy took to trying to soak the birds in the trees, and a couple of squirrels that were high up in the trees, too. Little Miss loved the Tri Strike, too. Let’s just say her brother was soaked before he went into the pool…..and she was rather dry. The girl means business!

We’re giving Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow Water Blaster three sets of two thumbs up. Once Mr. Sunflower gets his hands on it, I’m pretty sure it’s going to turn the three sets of two thumbs up into four sets!

It’s our top water toy for summer, along with the Nerf Rebelle Little Miss has fallen in love with!

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