What should you buy in the month of April?

What on the list of things you should buy in the month of April? It’s kind of an adventure in April. Honestly,  it’s April and everything revolves around Spring Cleaning. Who wants to spend April doing spring cleaning? The first sign of a nice day, and I’m heading out to the park, and never looking back! When the cold weather returns, I’ll do my cleaning!

buy in the month of April

Nevertheless, what should you buy in the month of April is not just about Spring Cleaning.

Athletic Shoes

HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I never think about running, or exercising. Oddly, there are people who think about this all the time. WHAT? Well, if you’re the type that loves to run, and be all “athletic,” April’s the month to buy yourself some new kicks for all your athletic endeavors. All the sales, and coupons, will start to show up for all kinds of spring shoes. Athletic will be a part of that shoe fun.

PS-If you really want to save on shoes, look over at the clearance rack, and look for stuff for next winter. I scored boots at my local Kohl’s that normally cost $60, but I got them for $12.99. The color is HORRIBLE, but they are so damn comfortable, and came in my very popular size 7, that I’ll be okay with my daughter calling me Tinker Bell Green Boots all next winter!


I have absolutely no idea why April is customarily the month for laptops to go on sale. Perhaps it’s just the holidays have ended, Japan is ending their fiscal year, or it’s just that it’s the last thing on anyone’s mind in April? Sales will be big in April, so go with it!

Car accessories & parts

Spring has sprung, and for some reason it makes people migrate to their cars. I guess everyone wants tune-ups, and some great accessories to prep for warm weather road trips. Now’s the time to get your car jazzed up. Sales, and discounts will pop up, so take advantage while you can.

Airline Tickets

When mid-April hits, you’ll find the best damn deals for PEAK SUMMER TRAVEL. Airfare always goes down in mid-April for tickets you want to purchase for your July and August flights. Even better, hit your shopping time around 4PM EST on Tuesdays for the lowest fares. They stay pretty low from Tuesday, until about Thursday. I’d say, start tracking ticket prices on Tuesdays from now, until the middle of April, and you’ll see the prices slowly drop each time you check.

Snow blower

Ummmm, no brainer. Winter is over. Snow blowers aren’t in high demand, but they’re taking up space at stores. The only other time you’ll find a huge price drop is your random Black Friday sale. April is definitely the best time to shop around for your snow blower for our fantastic winter storms we’ve been getting on the East Coast!


I have to be honest, I’m not super sure why stores have sales on tools in April. Perhaps it’s the same mentality of the cars? Whatever the reason, seize the opportunity! All kinds of sales will start popping up……spring is in the air!!!!! I also believe The Home Depot does a huge sale around this time of the year……check your local store.

In Season Produce

Again, no brainer. When fruits, and veggies are in season, it’s always easier to find them cheaper at your local grocery stores. However, if you prefer to get them at Farmer’s Markets, they are always a good price, too. A little hint? Buying them fresh in bulk, get them, cut them up, and freeze them. When they aren’t in season, you’ll have a stockpile in your freezer. You can enjoy the occasional strawberry! If you really want to save big, always check to see if you can earn cash back from what you’ve purchased with Ibotta!


You’ll laugh at this one, but honestly, it’s not just about Spring cleaning for this one. Vacuums come out with new models, and in April, stores want to get the old models out, so they can make room for the new stuff coming in. Vacuums have a season……just like your wardrobe! Imagine that! Too funny.

Graduation & Wedding Gifts

All those little blenders, and mixers – they all start to go on sale. Small kitchen appliances, cookware (like pots – stay away from the Stainless Steel, bitch to clean, found that out the hard way), and China. The selections will be larger in April, and the prices low. IF you wait for May to arrive, the prices might dip lower, but the selections might not be as large.

Wait until late in April to buy, and perhaps when the sales come in May, you can price match, or price guarantee with your Discover Card! Just keep all the sales ads so you can send it into your credit card company, if they have price matching like Discover does! With Discover, you’ve got 90 days to see if the price went down someplace else.

Garage Sales/Thrift Stores/Consignment Sales

EVERYONE is doing their Spring cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new. If they aren’t having a garage sale, then they’re handing it off to their local thrift stores, or they’re consigning it at a local consignment sale, or store. TAKE ADVANTAGE. People get crazy in the Spring. Cabin fever makes them give away stuff they’d never thought about giving away, or selling. It’s all out there, just find it!



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