What should you buy in the month of December?

December’s a long month, and figuring out what to buy in the month of December to save the most money fits into two categories: “before Christmas” and “after Christmas.” What deals you’ll find depends on when in the month you’re shopping!

shop smarter in the month of December



Most people think of tool buying when warm weather hits, and during the big Father’s Day sales. But winter will give you more deals, and discounts for tools you’d use outdoors.


For some reason, the prices are still going to be super low for cookware. Holidays coming, people want new pots and pans to cook their holiday meals in, and then after the holidays, people return the stuff relatives buy them…..I get stuff all the time for the kitchen. I don’t cook, but the family thinks if they buy me enough cookware, I’ll start to. Aren’t they cute?

Wedding Dresses

These are still going to be a great price, and you’ll have wiggle room to negotiate. Dresses are in stock, most brides aren’t shopping right now, and the new trends and styles are heading into the stores ASAP. Now’s the time to shop! I purchased mine in December, 2006, and my wedding day was July 7, 2007. My dress only cost me, with veil, alterations, and a sash: $400.00. I’m rounding UP.

Newly engaged couples, who just popped the question on Christmas Eve, or Christmas  morning, they won’t even start shopping until well after the holidays have passed, and they realize they have to get started!

NFL Gear

If your team hasn’t made it into the playoffs (for the Super Bowl,) you can probably score all kinds of NFL shirts, hats, and whatever, at a discounted price. In January, if the teams haven’t made the Super Bowl, you can score even more NFL stuff on sale!

BEFORE Christmas


Did you know champagne is super popular to drink for New Year’s Eve? Yes, amazing, right? Well, companies are going to have fantastic deals in December. Get you loving their brand, and then jack up their prices right around New Year’s Eve. So stock up before the holidays!

AFTER Christmas


If you need me to explain why these are on sale, and will be hugely discounted………..

Winter Clothing

Lots of returns will be made the days following Christmas, plus all the winter stuff is going on sale anyway, because Spring stuff is starting to hit stores. You’ll find huge discounts on the clearance racks, and major coupons on top of the clearance discounts. It’s a shopper’s dream!

Now, listen. Right before Christmas a ton of toys, and games, and everything relating to kids will go on sale. You’ll find bargains EVERYWHERE. The day after Christmas, again, people are returning gifts for days following the festivities, so you’ll find amazing deals, and discounts.

It’s kind of just how the holidays go. A lot of items that were increasing in price right before Christmas ONLINE, well, those prices will start to decrease, for sure, but expect to buy online much later in January. That’s when the online prices for toys, and games, will not just get back to normal, but go on sale!

Happy shopping.

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