What should you buy in the month of February?

February is definitely NOT the right time to buy jewelry. It’s Valentine’s month, and even with the “sales” you’ll get screwed over. Stay away, even immediately following Valentine’s Day. There are much better months to purchase jewelry!

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Want your paycheck to go further? Here’s what you should buy in the month of February

However, there are great sales, especially President’s Day sales, offering great items to buy in the month of February! It’s all about saving money, right? So let’s find out what you can buy and save big money on!

Tax Software

Yup, this month will have even better deals than January. If you waited, then you’ll get a great discount! You might even score a discount on filing your state taxes, not just free deals to file your federal ones!

Quality Winter Coats

If you’re a winter sports person, now’s the time to get a huge discount on higher end winter coats. The ones that keep your dry, warm, and safe from the elements while you’re skiing, snowboarding, or whatever you crazy winter lovers like to do! I know you all love those The North Face coats. I see them everywhere! They might now have the huge sales, but other high end brands will, just start price shipping and find a great coat for next winter!

Wedding Supplies/Venues

The dresses, the supplies, and the venues are all going to find you great deals. Most brides aren’t thinking about this stuff in February. Venues are going to give HUGE deals to get your business. Heck, if you want to get married on a weekday, EVEN BETTER! Pick a Thursday! Get an even better price per head for your wedding. Go, shop, be married!

Air Conditioners

If you’re looking for a wall unit, or even Central AC, it’s a good month to get your haggle on. Stores, and companies are itching to sell, and will give great deals!


Again, not many are shopping for boats right now……another chance to haggle!!!


The day after Valentine’s Day – hit all your local stores to find insanely discounted candy, including chocolate. Now’s your chance to get those Lindt chocolates for less. Creamy, dreamy chocolate goodies. Yum.

I know it’s not a lot, but there’s some great items to get in February that can save you a bundle. Especially a good winter coat for all the snow adventurers!


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