What should you buy in the month of January?

The major holidays are over. Your bills are trickling in from your big holiday purchases. Now you’re wondering what would be good to buy in the month of January, so you can save a lot, but still get what you need, or want.

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What should you buy in the month of January?

I happen to know a few things on this topic. Let’s get to this rather long list!

Christmas Goodies

All those little gift sets from specialty stores (food, coffee, etc.) will all be on the sale/clearance aisles, and in the sale/clearance bins.

  • Fragrances
  • Chocolates
  • Coffees with special mugs

Go clear the store shelves and stockpile these goodies for the following holiday season. Holiday wrapping paper, as well as gift bags, and bows, and tags – all on sale, and with HUGE DISCOUNTS. Little Santa hats, or stockings – also on sale. Find deep discounts on every kind of decoration you can imagine, including indoor and outdoor lights, along with CHRISTMAS TREES. Stock up NOW.


Furniture has a cycle. A lot of companies will come out with new styles in February. Guess what stores need to do to make room for the newest stuff? Yup, SELL IT. If you’re okay with floor models, you can score major deals. The fine art of haggling will come in handy in January, for sure!

Gym Equipment

Winter is kind of a big draw for gym memberships. Not too many deals happening. However, people have made their “lose weight” resolutions. Even people who can’t get to the gym, or who can’t afford a gym membership. Find discounts on treadmills, elliptical machines, and of course, workout DVDs. I love Kettleworx. Just sayin’. Look for those DVD’s on sale, and the Kettlebells to go with it.

Tax Software

If you do your own taxes, you’ll start to see software for tax filing coming out with huge discounts. Let me state this again: the deals with START. A lot of the times, you will see better offers in February. Keep an eye out. If you’re an eager beaver and all your paperwork comes in January, then great. But if you can wait, and file in February, the deals increase!

Winter Clothing

The discounts keep coming for winter clothes, especially coats. I normally look for winter coats for me, and the kids, in January. Great deals, always a coupon around, too.


You can wait until February, but by then, a lot of the calendars will be gone! So this is the month to get calendars, planners, and date books for the current year.

I’m still old school, so I buy my yearly date book/planner in January. Whenever you buy a paper planner, it usually includes January of the following year. I call this my “wiggle room” for big savings.

Snack Foods

Super Bowl will be coming……..even if it’s early February, you’ll start to see all the snack items going on sale. Things like chicken wings, too. All the foods you love to eat for the Super Bowl, well, get them all now! Coupons will be out to help increase the savings on all the sales!

Pro-Football Team Gear

Your team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, huh? Well, take advantage of this sad news and buy some NFL gear. The two teams going to the Super Bowl will have all their stuff marked up, while the sad losing teams across the whole country, will have their stuff marked down. Might as well, right? Silver lining…….

Enjoy your January shopping!

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