What should you buy in the month of June?

It’s now time to think about what to buy in the month of June. It’s not that far away when you really think about it. The festivities will start to fly by, including Easter, Mother’s Day, college graduations, communions, and all the Spring focused gatherings! Let’s start to put aside some money to buy a few items in June that will save you a ton, but still get you amazing quality.

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What should you buy in the month of June?

Think beyond Father’s Day things like a new suit, or tools. Those are on the list, but there’s SO.MUCH.MORE……..


I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but Wedding Season is HUGE in the month of June. It’s one of the most popular wedding months. Guess what? Champagne is HUGE at weddings. I know, total news to you, right?!!! Well, companies are going to want to get the champagne business, and they start to compete for your money. Get in while the gettin’s good! Load up on your champagne, and enjoy your bubbly for much less money.

Tropical Vacation

It’s prime hurricane season in all tropical areas. If you’re willing to take a chance, it’s your time to do an all out tropical vacation. You can go “champagne” style, on more of a “beer” budget. My suggestion? Get some vacation insurance. It’ll be worth it if the hurricane does end up hitting while you’re away. But if you’re a real risk taker, go without and see where the vacation takes you.


I don’t know why, but Summer seems to bring out the painter in all of us. I guess the windows are open, the light is pouring in, and we’re noticing how dingy some of our walls are getting. Time to spruce up the paint job, do a little re-decorating now, before the heat really hits, and no one wants to do anything! Let alone be in a room with open windows and paint, on a hot, sticky day. So load up on your paint. Paint can kind of hang out for a bit, and if you find it’s kind of settled, you can bring it up to get mixed again.


It’s odd that lingerie goes on sale each year around this time…….perhaps Father’s Day gifts that Dads really want from their wives is to see them in cute, stylish lingerie? Nooooooo. It’s because Victoria Secret usually has one of their Semi-Annual sales right around this time of year. Perhaps they see it as a great gift for the dads out there. Who knows, more likely because it’s the 6th month of the year. Half way through the year, so let’s have a sale. When they have their sales, a lot of other companies decide to do some deals at the same time. It’s all about healthy competition. So look for the discounts, deals, and coupons!

Gym Memberships

I suggested this for May, but June has discounts, too. I can only imagine the prices decrease as the summer goes on. Look for those free trial offers, and “summer months deals” that will crop up. Get all three months for a low fee, and then a discount when the Summer ends.


It’s wedding season, so sure, dishes will be on sale. If you bought some last month, and you see that they’ve gone down in price, let’s hope you used a credit card that has price protection/guarantee. Get a hold of your credit card company, the ad you saw the price in, and get yourself the price difference credited back!


Everywhere you turn there will be sales on suits. Buy a suit, get 15 free items like a shirt, tie, belt, etc. There will be buy two for the price of one. I’m not sure why Father’s Day is popular for buying a new suit, but whatever. Go with it, take advantage, and buy yourself a new on if you need it. All those weddings, and graduations, will probably require a suit, right?


I know, you saw this in May, too. Now, you’ll see even more sales, and for different things, and more local stores. It’ll be more than just Home Depot doing big sales. Again, if you bought last month, keep the receipts, and use the right credit card, so you can get the price difference credited back to you!  Keep in mind, Father’s Day and tools are kind of like Peanut Butter and Jelly, or Burgers and Fries. They just go so well together.

Dad’s are “men” and men like tools. Or so I’m told. My mom always loved getting tools, too. She’s an odd duck, my mother, but hey, get the deals when you can! Load up for all kinds of gifting opportunities throughout the year.


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